Pizza Rolls Microwave vs Oven – Which Is The Better Option?

pizza rolls microwave vs oven
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pizza rolls microwave vs oven

If you are someone who likes snacking, we are sure that you are a fan of pizza rolls. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that pizza rolls are the perfect snacks, and since they are available in different flavors, everyone has a choice. While there are frozen pizza rolls available, many pizza roll lovers love to make them at home, but pizza roles microwave vs. oven is the ultimate question. This is because you can either use the microwave or oven to make pizza rolls but there will be a difference in the outcome and cooking methods. So, with this article, we are focusing on two different cooking methods and how they will impact the pizza rolls!

Pizza Rolls Microwave vs Oven

Choosing Between Oven & Microwave

Whenever you want to prepare pizza rolls as the tasty snacks they are, everyone goes through the dilemma of choosing between two cooking methods. For the most part, the preparation method is the same for both cooking methods, but the outcomes will be different. However, before we dive into these details, let’s check out what pizza rolls are.

To begin with, pizza rolls are the frozen food products that were first launched by Jeno Pauluci, who was a Chinese food specialist back in 1951. Pizza rolls have a breaded pocket that is filled with melted cheese, diced pepperoni, and tomato cheese. The pizza rolls are available in a variety of flavors, and the most common flavors include triple meat, triple cheese, triple pepperoni, pepperoni, and sausage supreme.

It’s safe to say that pizza rolls are smaller yet the most delicious snacks, and you can easily eat more than one pizza roll at a time. If you want to make pizza rolls from scratch at home, you need to start with the smaller size and opt for bigger ones later. Pizza rolls are only the snacks and cannot be the main meal. However, the nutritional value is pretty low as you will consume 9g of fat and 220 calories, so it’s not a good choice for people who like healthy food.

The Cooking Methods

There are various processes to making pizza rolls. On a commercial scale, you can experiment with processes and ingredients as compared to making pizza rolls at home. For at-home pizza roll cooking, you need to choose between the microwave method and oven method, and we are sharing the details below;

Microwave Method

If you want to make pizza rolls at home in the microwave, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Start by preparing the pizza rolls, and you can choose the desired flavors
  2. Secondly, place these rolls on the plate (yes, we are talking about the microwave plate)
  3. Now, for one serving with six pizza rolls, you need to use the high temperature and set the timer from 1:00 to over 1:15. On the other hand, for twelve pizza rolls or two servings, you need to set the timer to over 2:40 at a high-temperature setting
  4. Then, let the microwave do its work, and the pizza rolls will be ready but make sure you wear the mittens because the pizza rolls and the plate will be hot

Oven Method

If you want to opt for the oven method, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below;

  1. First of all, prepare your pizza rolls, and you can obviously use the flavors of your choice
  2. Preheat your oven at 420-degrees Fahrenheit and place the pizza rolls on the oven tray (make sure you place the rolls in the single layer to ensure they are evenly cooked)
  3. As for the time, you need to cook twenty pizza rolls for fifteen minutes, but if you are cooking over forty pizza rolls, you need to wait for around twenty minutes

When you are making pizza rolls, make sure that you are attending to the oven or microwave at all times because you cannot leave them unattended. This is because pizza rolls will be ready in a few minutes and extreme temperatures will result in fire hazards, and the rolls will be ruined as well.

To summarize, the microwave will make the pizza rolls quickly as it takes around two minutes while the oven asks for at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes. However, the taste of oven-baked pizza rolls is better than microwave-made pizza rolls.

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