6 Best Substitutes For Pinot Noir

pinot noir substitutes
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pinot noir substitutes

For everyone who has watched the movie “Sideways,” we are certain that the craze for pinot noir started from there. Truth be told, it’s a flavorful liqueur with grape tones. That being said, it has become an essential part of French cuisines and the same old grilled chicken.

However, if you have run out of pinot noir because you were enjoying drinking, we are sharing the pinot noir substitutes for you!

Pinot Noir Substitutes

To begin with, pinot noir is the liqueur and can be seen on the red wine spectrum. However, pinot noir is a light liqueur, but it doesn’t mean texture and flavor are compromised. Pinot noir has some ripe red fruit notes, along with the slight flavor of the fragrant flower. On the contrary, some people feel the earthy and baking spice undertones. This is the French version and is made from pinot noir grapes.

However, pinot noir grapes can be grown around the world as long as the climate is cool (Burgundy, France is a perfect example). Pinot noir has silky tannins with a dry texture. It has a light to medium-body configuration with a bright acidity level. As far as the flavor is concerned, they are complex and have raspberry, cherry, and mushroom tones. The vanilla flavor will only come out when it’s aged in the French oak. So, if you are clear about pinot noir, we are sharing the pinot noir substitutes!

1) Trousseau 

In case you loved Gamay as the substitute for pinot noir, you will absolutely love trousseau. This is the grape liqueur that is native to the Jura region of France. However, it can be easily found in Spain and the USA (you might find it as Bastardo). Trousseau has an earthy flavor along with white pepper, tarty cranberries, and damp soil tones.

This wine has a pale color and will add a perfect pink and magenta color to the glass (we absolutely love the translucency). It is usually served cold and makes a perfect drink for warm evenings.  

2) Cinsault 

This is the soft liqueur and is an extremely delicious and quaffable variant. This wine has a floral flavor with crushed rock, white cherry, and sweet spice flavors. There are different varieties of Cinsault out there, such as Languedoc and South Africa.

3) Frappato 

For everyone who needs easy-drinking wine (red wine, in particular), Frappato is a great choice. This is the chillable red wine. However, there is an immense acid content. There is low tannins level, and the structure is pretty identical to pinot noir. When it comes down to flavors, it has the mixed flavor of white pepper, red cherries, and pomegranate. Frappato is a great option, but it has Italian tweaking.

4) Garnacha 

If you want the wine bottle with a lighter body, garnacha is a fine option. This is the easy-drinking wine. Garnacha is extremely flavorful, offering the combination of cherry, cracked pepper, tarty red fruits, and earth tones. It has a soft palate with a spicy and berry flavor. In addition, Garnacha has the sweet (or maybe semi-sweet) and dry form.

5) Mencia 

If you are an absolute fan of pinot noir and Gamay, Mencia is a great choice. This is the Spanish version that you get with the combination of cabernet franc, Gamay, and pinot noir. Mencia has juicy and earth-oriented tones. In addition, it has a dark and red fruit flavor. It has higher tannins with a juicier texture. The best thing about Mencia is that it’s an affordable option without compromising on the deliciousness. All in all, it makes a great option for summer as it tastes perfect when chilled!

6) Gamay

For the most part, Gamay is not a popular option, but it’s an apt substitution for pinot noir. This is the red grape version with a high-acid flavor. This drink is native to Beaujolais, which is located on the south of Maconnais. It is famous for the racy acidity, along with low tannins levels. It has a forwardly juicy and fruity flavor.

When it comes down to the flavor, it has raspberry, currant, sour cherry, cranberry, and strawberry notes. In addition, it also has purple flower notes (the violet and lilac flowers). For the most part, it is very close to pinot noir since it has a sweet and dry flavor. Gamay may have a candied aroma, so it’s not the harsh liqueur at all.

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