Peugeot Salt Mill Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

peugeot salt mill not working
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peugeot salt mill not working

There is no kitchen without salt but have you ever noticed the difference between fresh salt and processed salt? The fresh salt obviously tastes better. For this purpose, you can opt for a salt mill because it can ground the salt rocks into fresh salt.

People choose branded options but Peugeot users complain about the Peugeot salt mill not working. If your salt mill isn’t working, we have the solutions for you!

Peugeot Salt Mill Not Working

1) Clogging

This is the first reason why your salt mill might not be working. For the most part, clogging in the salt mill is caused by moisturized grinding parts or damp salt. In addition, the moisture can hit the salt mill when you place it in liquid or use steam for cleaning it.

That being said, you can easily clear up clogging by opening the mill and removing all the contents. In addition, you can use the dry brush to clean up the grinding components and the entire mill.

Moreover, you can use rubbing alcohol wipes to wipe the body. When you clean the salt mill, it has to be dried for a day. After air-drying the salt mill, you can add sea salt or dry rock to absorb the moisture. You should also lubricate the mill’s threaded parts with cooking oil lightly and it will also prevent corrosion.

2) Wrong Spice

In some cases, the salt mill might not be working because you added the wrong spice. For instance, some people add whole black peppers in the mill to make powder but the Peugeot salt mill doesn’t work with such spices.

That being said, you should remove such spices and herbs from the mill and clean them up. Once it’s cleaned from such ingredients, you can use salt and ground it in powder form.

3) Wet Salt

When it comes down Peugeot salt mill, it isn’t designed to work with wet salt. That being said, if you are grounding wet salt, the salt mill won’t work. For this reason, you should dry the salt for at least two days before it’s added to the salt mills.

In addition, the wet salt won’t even come out of the mill and you might have to loosen the knob and remove the wet salt manually. So, just stop using wet salt in the Peugeot salt mill or else it won’t work.

4) Contacts

If you have bought the electric salt mill from Peugeot, it might not work because the contacts are dirty. In particular, the motor unit contacts and reservoir contacts of the salt mill could be dirty which is hindering the functionality of a salt mill. That being said, you need to disassemble the salt mill and clean the contacts with a piece of dry cloth.

5) Insufficient Salt

With Peugeot salt mills, the users have to add a certain amount of salt rock in the mill to make sure it works properly. That being said, open the salt mill and make sure there is enough salt rock in it. You can also check the salt mill’s manual to see how much salt rock must be added.

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