Perdue vs Tyson Chicken Nuggets – Which Should You Get?

perdue vs tyson chicken nuggets
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Perdue vs Tyson Chicken Nuggets

When it comes down to snacking, there is nothing yummier than chicken nuggets, especially for people who like chicken and meaty snacks. Similarly, if you have ever walked down the aisle of frozen food, we are sure you’ve seen Perdue vs. Tyson chicken nuggets, and both these brands have an extensive range of chicken nuggets available. So, if you want to enjoy the goodness of chicken nuggets, we are sharing information about these two brands!

Perdue vs Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue chicken nuggets are made by Perdue Farms, and it is located in Salisbury, Maryland. The company is popular for processed food, and they are offering chicken, pork, and turkey processed foods in the United States. Having said that, Perdue Farms has an extensive range of chicken nuggets available. To begin with, their chicken nuggets are reasonably priced, and they started offering these frozen chicken edibles back in 2019.

Basically, the company launched frozen chicken products under the special line, known as Perdue Plus. With Perdue Plus, the company started offering frozen tenders, patties, and chicken nuggets which are made with a combination of vegetables and ground chicken. For the most part, the dinosaur nuggets are the most delicious, and if you bake them in the oven or toaster oven, the breading will attain a crunchy and crispy texture while staying soft and juicy on the inside.

The internal meaty part is juicy and literally melts in your mouth, while the texture is pretty appealing. The best thing about the nuggets’ meat is that it doesn’t have a mushy texture. These chicken nuggets are perfect for people who want to enjoy the real chicken flavor and crispy breading. However, there are no added flavors and veggies in these nuggets, which means you will enjoy the enriching chicken flavor. Also, these chicken nuggets have a higher protein dose and fewer calories, making them healthier.

Many people have been impressed with these chicken nuggets, and everyone admires the delicious seasoning and the unique peppery flavor. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these chicken nuggets are perfect for people who are fond of seasoned breading. Also, the chicken nuggets are made from boneless chicken breast, which adds a chicken flavor. Lastly, it has paprika extracts along with salt, natural flavors, and a bit of sugar that delivers a distinct flavor.

Tyson Chicken Nuggets

To begin with, Perdue and Tyson have been two competitors when it comes down to chicken nuggets. Having said that, Tyson is a great brand for people who want to enjoy chicken nuggets. These chicken nuggets are natural, which means there are hardly any artificial ingredients in these nuggets, and they are minimally processed to deliver healthier options. In addition, the Tyson chicken nuggets are made from boneless chicken breast, which leads to the real chicken flavor.

It’s obvious that these food processing companies have to create delicious flavors, which is why the company uses paprika extracts to enhance the flavor. These chicken nuggets are popular for their bouncy and springy texture, while the breading has the crispiest texture, which creates a crunchy experience. Truth be told, many people have complained about the bland flavor of these nuggets, but we are sure that the flavor is not that bad.

This is primarily because the chicken nuggets have spices, paprika, brown sugar, dried garlic, and dried onion, which give it the unique flavor that chicken nuggets are famous for. According to the company, they have only used natural flavors for improving the flavor and texture of the chicken nuggets while the breading is made from white whole wheat flour, wheat flour, corn starch, and wheat starch, which results in the crispy and crunchy breading.

On top of everything, Tyson chicken nuggets are suitable for people who want to make quick snacks for themselves or pack lunch for their kids. This is because these nuggets are yummy and affordable (32 nuggets are for less than $5, which is an absolute steal). To summarize, these chicken nuggets are extremely easy to find in the grocery stores (the frozen food aisle) and are made from high-quality meat.

The bottom line is that these two brands are great at making yummy chicken nuggets, but it seems like Perdue chicken nuggets are healthier, given the high protein content.

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