Panera Bread Company’s Soufflé Review

panera souffle review
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panera souffle review

Foodie people love to have fusions in their breakfasts. Either it is something savory or sweet, they find their way to make the best fusion breakfasts. For decades, soufflés are eaten and appreciated worldwide for their creamy and cheesy taste. Soufflé is a traditional food that many people love to take, especially for breakfast. The famous American food processing company Panera also serves freshly baked soufflé.

These Panera soufflés taste equally tasty and cheesy as home-cooked ones. However, some consumers still have few confusions regarding Panera soufflés, whether they should buy it or not. Well, if you haven’t had this amazingly juicy and cheesy addition off Panera Bread Company, then you should at least give it a try. In this blog, we will review Panera soufflés. Stay with us.

What Exactly Is A Soufflé?

Before we move towards the soufflés served by Panera Bread Company, let’s first give you an understanding of what soufflé is.

So, a soufflé is rich and creamy, an egg-baked dish which comes with a flavorful base. Mixed beaten eggs are usually part of the rich cheesy base. When soufflé is baked, the dish puffs up by the formation of air bubbles in the egg white. The puffing gives soufflé a unique and artistic look, which appears on the top. 

Soufflé is originated in France in the early 18th century. This richly made dish is served with several other ingredients to make the savory main dish or side sweet dish. It is totally up to you whichever flavors you want to give to your soufflé.

Panera Bread Company’s Soufflé

Panera Bread Company is a popular American food chain that provides freshly made dairy and bakery-café products. Over the years, it has achieved enough recognition that consumers now blindly purchase their baked products. Panera also started to serve the famous French cheesy egg-baked dish soufflés which is liked by many customers. The cheese and egg goodness of soufflés, made by fresh ingredients of Panera Bread Company are to die for. However, some resources state that these egged soufflés aren’t as fresh and rich as they seem. Well, we can’t say if it’s true.

Panera Soufflé Review – Variant Cheesy Flavors

There are several soufflés flavors that Panera sells for their customers. Some of the most purchased and liked flavors include baked egg soufflés, spinach and bacon soufflé, ham and Swiss soufflé, four cheese soufflé, and, spinach and artichoke soufflés. We are reviewing all these flavors accordingly. Read on.

The Best Panera Soufflé – Four Cheese Soufflé

The most “hot and happening” flavor of Panera soufflés is the Four Cheese flavors. It is found to be the cheesiest and the richest of all other soufflés of Panera. Four cheese soufflé is made from the cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, Neufchatel cheese, and Romano cheese. All of these mentioned cheese combine to give highly cheesy and rich flavorful four cheese soufflé. Cheese lovers find this soufflé more favorite than all other ones.

The calories-wise, four cheese soufflé of Panera doesn’t have an overwhelming quantity of cheese as other flavors of Panera soufflés. Four cheese has 410 calories per serving which is quite heavy but not as heavy as the other Panera soufflé flavors.

Spinach And Bacon Soufflé

The spinach and bacon soufflé has the same flaky and pastry-like taste as spinach and artichoke’s flavor. Due to bacon, you can never go wrong with spinach and bacon soufflé. They are as fresh as possible with a total calorie quantity of 550 calories, the highest calorie quantity among all other soufflés of Panera.

Artisan Ham And Swiss Soufflé

Artisan soufflé of ham and Swiss are made with Emmental swiss, maple, and mustard sauce, stuffed with emerald greens. This is another favorite soufflé of Panera Bread Company. The Ham and Swiss soufflé of Panera has a total of 450 calories count. It is a treat to your taste buds.

Spinach And Artichoke Soufflé

Spinach & artichoke and spinach & bacon soufflés taste somehow the same flaky and pastry, except for the mushy taste spinach and artichoke soufflé has. The artichokes are cut in cubes that taste quite dominating. Only artichoke lovers can enjoy eating this soufflé the best. It has 520 calories.

We hope that the above review of Panera soufflés will be helpful to you.

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