3 Common Panasonic Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

panasonic oven problems
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panasonic oven problems

There are a lot of people all around the world who are surely familiar with Panasonic and the vast selection of products that the brand offers worldwide. This mainly includes electronics for use in homes or any building of the sort for that matter. They have lots of supplies for the kitchen, including very handy appliances like their ovens. While most brands usually have a focus on gas ovens, electric ovens, and more of the sort, Panasonic focuses on microwave ovens specifically.

As you can guess, we’re here to discuss more about these microwaves specifically. Much like any other appliance that one can find for the kitchen, the Panasonic microwave ovens do present occasional problems despite being highly reliable a majority of the time. Some of these issues are much more common than others, and our list given below covers the most common of them all. If you’re here to learn more about the most common Panasonic oven problems and their respective solutions, continue reading below to do so.

Most Common Panasonic Oven Problems

  1. Oven Locked

One problem that a lot of Panasonic oven users encounter with their appliance that isn’t technically even a problem when you get down to it is regarding the oven being locked. No matter what users try to do, they can’t use it properly because the display just says that the oven is locked. The reason behind this is safety. Panasonic ovens have a child lock feature which is sometimes active on its own, and is very easy to disable. Lots of people mistake this feature for an issue, which is why we’re discussing it here.

Much like how there are certain commands which can be used to enable the child lock through the control centre of the oven, there are also commands which can be used to disable it. In most cases, the command that tends to work the most without fail on most Panasonic ovens is pressing the function button on the control panel and then pressing “5” on the same panel. Pressing both of these at once will enable the child lock option, and pressing “2” once the previous two buttons are pressed will disable the feature.

  1. Oven Operates with Doors Open

One common problem which is a particular strange one for most is when the Panasonic oven continues to operate perfectly and prepare foods on the inside while the doors are open. This is very dangerous and is an issue that needs to be fixed immediately if you’re encountering. Due to it being one of the relatively more popular issues out there, Panasonic and users themselves have been able to find many different solutions for it.

The issue can almost always be pinned down to the doors interlock switch being broken. This is something that’s very easy to fix, but only if you know what you’re doing. That said, rather than risking it at home, we recommend you take it to a repair store near you as they’ll be able to safely fix the issue and ensure that your Panasonic oven won’t run while the doors are open any longer.

  1. Control Panel Not Responding

The control panel is one of the most important parts of any oven, whether it be from Panasonic or any other brand. A majority of the time, it’s completely impossible to use the oven properly without a fully functioning control panel, which is why it’s important to keep in mind that any issues with this specific part of the appliance should be dealt with immediately before they get any worse. There are a few different things to do to fix these issues, with the main one being a reset.

There are actually many different ways that one can reset a Panasonic oven, with the methods differing depending on the specific model in mind. That said, one method which works for every single one is turning it off if it’s currently on, unplugging it from any power source and leaving it that way for up to 2 minutes before plugging it back in again. If that doesn’t work, consider getting the control panel repaired or replaced as it’s obviously faulty.

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