Pampered Chef Micro Cooker Review 2022

pampered chef micro cooker review
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pampered chef micro cooker review

Pampered Chef is not a new name in the cooking industry. Doris Christopher introduced Pampered Chef 40 years ago. Its headquarters are in Illinois. As of now, it has 55,000 consultants who host parties and sell the company’s products. This is a way of livelihood of these consultants, and they get a share according to the Pampered Chef’s policies.

They have a range of kitchen products from cookware tools to micro-cookers. We are guessing you have heard of these micro-cookers that work extremely well in the microwave. Today, we have done a pampered chef micro cooker review to see whether it is worth the hype.

Pampered Chef Micro Cooker Review:


It has three sizes of 1, 2, and 3 quarts. You can purchase the whole set or an individual micro-cooker. The micro-cookers are used in the microwave to cook rice, pasta, quinoa, steam vegetables, and melt chocolate or butter.

Space efficient:

These are compact, small-sized cookers that have lids snapped to the cooker. They can be placed easily in a small microwave as well. The biggest size is 3 quarts, which means there are not really huge and can fit in easily in a small kitchen. These are easy to use for both right and left-handed people.


Pampered Chef offers a one year warranty on these micro-cookers.

What can you cook?

1-quart micro-cooker:

The 1 quart is best for heating soup or boiling water and melting butter or chocolate. This feature works well because of the frosted lid that allows you to see when the liquid starts to boils or when your food has melted. You can poach chicken breasts and steam vegetables in the microwave as well. So, It can act as a drain because of locking features. It can cook rice in small quantities and fulfill the need of adding rice as a side dish or for one or two persons.

2 quarts micro-cooker:

This 2 quarts micro-cooker is perfect for cooking rice for a small family. It has similar advantages to the 1-quart one but has a bigger capacity. So, if you need to have a bigger pot for steaming vegetables or using other features, then go with 2 quarts micro-cooker.

3 quarts micro-cooker:

This micro-cooker specializes in cooking starchy food. It is best for making rice for a family of 4-5 persons. This micro-cooker has a boil-over protective feature. It is a guard that keeps the microwave clean by circulating liquids. You can cook pasta, potatoes, boiled cornmeal, and quinoa.

How do the micro-cooker functions work?

You place these micro-cookers in the microwave and cook anything you want from the list we have mentioned above. All the micro-cookers are safe to be used in dishwashers. They are easily washable with hardly any apparent stains because of its black color.

Cooking Pasta:

A top tip for cooking pasta is to add cold water to the dry pasta. Then, follow the instructions listed on the pasta box.

Steaming Vegetables:

Cut the vegetables and add a suitable amount of water. The vegetables are cooked and become soft upon microwaving. When the veggies are cooked for a minimal time, it helps retain nutrients far better than when cooked for longer periods.


A simple yet efficient function of the micro-cooker is reheating. You can reheat anything effectively in just a few minutes. You do not need to wait for the item to defrost.

Cooking rice:

It is an essential function in the micro-cookers. Follow the instructions on the rice box and cook them accordingly. The ratio of liquid to rice is 2:1, which increases to 3:1 in the case of brown rice. Rice requires playing around till you perfect it.

Complaints regarding the lid:

Customers are usually happy about the product, but the lid is somewhat difficult to open and close. So, the overall design is simple with a complicated lid. The manufacturer needs to focus and make the lid more user-friendly. It should fit in better and secure the pot properly.

We have concluded from this pampered chef micro cooker review that these microwave friendly micro-cookers are a handy tool for your kitchen. It serves multiple purposes and is easy to use. Customers have mostly given good reviews stating that these cookers have excellent quality and increase your cooking productivity.

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