8 Common Pampered Chef Egg Cooker Problems

pampered chef egg cooker problems
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pampered chef egg cooker problems

Pampered Chef is the best brand out there when it comes down to egg cookers. This is because their egg cookers are designed with high-end features and promise consistent cooking outcomes with the eggs. So, if Pampered Chef egg cooker problems are interrupting the egg cooking experience, you can check out the details from this article!

Pampered Chef Egg Cooker Problems

1) Overcooked Eggs

When you are talking about the Pampered Chef egg cookers, you have to keep in mind that the unit is suitable for large-sized eggs. So, if you used small-sized eggs or medium-sized eggs, it might result in overcooking. The prime solution is using large-sized eggs to ensure the cooking outcome is consistent and works fine. Secondly, if you don’t have the large-sized eggs available, you can use less water amount to ensure the eggs come out perfectly.

2) Undercooked Eggs

While using the Pampered Chef egg cooker, you need to be extremely mindful about the water addition and amount. In simpler words, if the eggs are coming out undercooked, they might not be getting enough water.

This is because when you add water to the central part of the water reservoir, the water remains in the center and eggs won’t be submerged in water optimally. So, make sure that the water is adding consistently and equally throughout the egg cooker.

In addition to the placement of water, you must ensure that the cooking time is properly measured according to the eggs. This is because the eggs can turn out undercooked if the cooking cycle was shorter than what the eggs wanted.

Lastly, the eggs can be undercooked if you chose the jumbo or large eggs. You must remember that Pampered Chef egg cooker is designed to work with large-sized eggs only, so choose the eggs wisely.

3) Unable To Peel The Eggs

Imagine you have to make egg sandwiches but the eggs’ shell won’t come off; well, that can be frustrating. Generally, the eggs are hard to peel if you boil fresh eggs in the egg cooker. This is because cold eggs or refrigerated eggs are easier to peel. In addition, when you crack one part of the egg to start peeling, roll it between your hands because it loosens up the shell and it will be easier to peel it off. Secondly, you can also place the egg under running water for easier and quick peeling.

4) Brown Shell

If you boiled eggs in the Pampered Chef egg cooker but the shells are brown, it’s pretty obvious that you will have second thoughts about using the egg. However, there is nothing to worry about because different types of water can result in a brown shell or different colors of the shell. That being said, the eggs are safe to eat and aren’t rotten!

5) Marred Base

To be honest, the Pampered Chef egg cookers look pretty amazing and you don’t want the base to be all marred up. When you use the metal utensils with the egg cooker, it can result in marring. However, you can easily remove marring by opting for the non-bleach cleaning liquid.

In addition, you can also opt for a powdered cleaner because it is safe to be used with glazed surfaces. Also, keep in mind that you must never use abrasive cleaners with the egg cooker because they can damage the surface.

6) Sticky Residues

The sticky residues on the Pampered Chef egg cooker can look pretty bad. There is nothing to worry about it since they can be cleaned off with the powdered cleanser. As far as the cause behind the sticky residues is concerned, you might have used the aerosol nonstick spray. Keep in mind that you cannot use the aerosol nonstick sprays with the egg cooker, so choose the right cleanser.

7) Eggs Are Uncooked From The Bottom

When the eggs are uncooked from the bottom side, it might be because you don’t move around the eggs. It is suggested to stir the eggs during the cooking intervals because it ensures that the eggs are evenly cooked. As a result, the eggs’ bottom and all other sides will be cooked properly.

8) Lid Is Rising

This is pretty normal since steam might be accumulated in the egg cooker. When the steam is accumulated, it can rise up the lid. However, it won’t impact the cooking and you are good to go!

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