Ovente Kettle Not Working – The 5 Most Effective Solutions

ovente kettle not working
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Ovente Kettle Not Working

You could say that for most people, a kettle is used to boil water to make a hot cup of tea or coffee. There are lots of kettles to choose from to do the job for you.

When you’re working, and time is at a premium, when choosing a kettle, you’ll want to take note of the water capacity as well as the rate at which the water boils.

There are also many brands of kettles to choose from. Some of the sought-after brands are Smeg, Cookworks, Hamilton Beach, and the Ovente Kettle.

These are kettles that are designed for modern consumers. They’re good-looking, convenient, and eco-friendly with materials that are BPA-free.

A fast-boiling kettle

People on the go appreciate that the reliable and stylish Ovente kettle can boil water a lot faster than most stovetop kettles. The kettle also comes with a removable filter to supply fresh, healthy water.

With all these features going for the Ovente kettle, plus more, sometimes the kettle doesn’t work. Why? We’re going to look at 5 problems and also the solutions for getting your Ovente kettle up and boiling again.

Ovente Kettle Not Working

1. The kettle doesn’t heat up

This is one of the more common problems with Ovente kettles. How frustrating it can be to want a cup of coffee and the kettle won’t heat up. It could be a faulty heating element or a faulty thermostat.

Is your kettle plugged in properly? If it is plugged in properly and it’s still not heating up, you may have to replace the heating element.

If you aren’t used to working with electrical appliances, contact Ovente customer support for advice and assistance.

2. The kettle is not switching off

For starters, your Ovente kettle comes with an auto-shutoff feature. This means that the kettle switches off on its own when it has reached its boiling temperature. It also switches off the heating element when the kettle doesn’t have water in it.

One of the easiest ways to fix the problem of your kettle not switching off is to make sure that you have closed the lid properly. If by accident, the lid isn’t tightly closed, the water will just continue boiling.

The automatic shut-off feature isn’t reacting

The thermostat automatically switches off the kettle when it boils. If there’s a problem with the thermostat, it won’t trigger the automatic shut-off feature. The thermostat in your kettle switches it off once the water has reached boiling point.

But if your thermostat is faulty, you may find that it even turns off the kettle before it has boiled properly. Who wants to drink lukewarm tea or coffee?

To fix the ‘kettle not switching off’ problem, check that the kettle’s lid is closed properly. Check that the kettle is filled the way it should be. There is a recommended level for water, and the water shouldn’t go beyond this level.

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If your kettle doesn’t switch off automatically, you may have to have the thermostat replaced. You can contact Ovente customer support for assistance with this.

3. Leaking kettle

How frustrating it can be when you have a leaking kettle. Water is everywhere, so you’re constantly mopping up. Apart from the mess, it can be dangerous too. There could be a crack in your kettle.

In such a case, a solution to this would be to:

  1. Unplug your Ovente kettle.
  2. Allow your kettle to totally dry out
  3. Apply silicone sealant to the crack
  4. The sealant must set completely before you use your kettle again.
  5. Of course, if that doesn’t work, it may be time to replace your kettle.

Faulty automatic electric kettle caught fire
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Another solution to look at is to check that all components of your kettle are securely in place. You may have excitedly hauled your new kettle out of its box and not checked that it was properly assembled.

If you’re not electrically minded and you can’t find the source of the leak, it would be best to contact Ovente customer support for assistance.

4. Filter problems

There are a few things that can go wrong with the Ovente kettle filter. Mineral deposits build up on the filter and reduce its efficiency. General wear and tear can also damage the filter, as can using harsh cleaning agents on it.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Ovente kettle filter, one way to fix the limescale build-up is to fill your kettle with equal amounts of vinegar and water. You can leave this mixture in your kettle overnight and rinse it thoroughly the next morning.

New filters can be ordered

If you believe your Ovente kettle filter is beyond repair, you can order a new one from Ovente. To order a replacement filter, you can contact their customer support team.

5. Using the kettle for the wrong purpose

Would you boil milk in your Ovente kettle? Of course not, because your kettle isn’t made for this purpose. Your Ovente kettle is specifically made for heating water only.

Milk always boils over, and this can result in a short circuit in the electric base of the kettle. Your kettle won’t automatically shut off with milk boiling in it.

When the water part has evaporated, the fat and protein parts will burn. The deposits of milk are hard to remove and will affect the functionality of the kettle. 

Scaling can develop on the bottom of the kettle
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You’ll also be left with such a bad smell that you won’t want to use your kettle. The only solution to this problem is to read your owner’s manual before you use your kettle. You will discover there that you’re never supposed to pour milk into the kettle for any purpose.

Take care of your kettle to avoid unnecessary repairs

Ovente kettles are a top brand designed to work well and delight users. If you take care of it and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions, you’re unlikely to experience problems. Disregard the instructions, and you’ll be constantly looking for solutions to fix your kettle.

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