5 Reasons Why Oster Blender Won’t Turn On

oster blender won't turn on
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oster blender won’t turn on

Most of us need the blender more than we think we do. Are you worried because your blender stopped working? Is it bothering you how your Oster blender was working perfectly fine, but won’t turn on now?

Oster Blender Won’t Turn On

Oster blenders are made with the latest technology. They need to be operated in a specific manner. More than usual, the problem is with how we operate the blender. Before you panic and think you need a new blender, go over a few things.

1) Are you plugging the blender in the working outlet?

The Oster blender needs to be properly plugged. Look again and make sure you’re plugging the switch in the working outlet. If that is not the case, the blender would simply not switch on.

2) Did you overheat it?

Two things can happen with the blender. Either it won’t get switched on at all. Or it will switch on and stop midway. If that is the case, you probably overheated the machine. When the machine gets heated, the automatically fit thermal fuse gets activated.

Once the thermal fuse is activated, it won’t allow the machine to operate. This is because the blender machine needs time to cool down. Just wait for awhile, the blender will start working on its own within an hour or two.

3) Did you select the power settings?

Settings are very essential when it comes to Kitchen appliances. When you get your Oster blender try to read the entire user manual. Make sure you’re familiar with all the settings. Maybe you’re not selecting the power setting. This could be one of the reasons why the blender is no longer turning on.

4) Is the blending jar positioned at the base?

The blending jar needs to be accurately positioned at the base. In case of slight malalignment, the blender won’t turn on. This is also a safety check to ensure users don’t get hurt. The machine only turns on when all safety parts are in place.

5) Is the jar properly secured?

The Oster blender is very user-friendly. It won’t turn on if all its parts aren’t secured correctly. Make sure you check that the blade assembly is properly set on the sport bottle or jar. The Oster blender won’t operate if the entire assembly is not in proper arrangement. Wondering how you can tell if the assembly is aligned properly? Just make sure the arrows on the blade match in line with arrows on the base of the blender.

If none of these seem to be the problem, time to call the helpline.

There might be a chance that none of the above-mentioned solutions would work for you. This could be because your blender is facing a technical glitch. It is advisable to call the helpline. Once you’ll call the helpline get in touch with the customer care center.

Let them know what the issue is. They’ll guide you on what to do next. Either you will have to take your Oster blender to the nearest outlet. Or they might send an electrician to fix the problem.

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