5 Common Oster Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

oster air fryer problems
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oster air fryer problems

The air fryers are an incredible piece of kitchen equipment. Ranging from crispy French fries to perfectly cooked steaks, the options are unlimited. That being said, there are various brands and Oster is one of them, offering top-notch air fryer. However, there are some Oster air fryer problems, but we have outlined the solutions as well!

Oster Air Fryer Problems

1) Unable To Remove The Bowl After Cooking

Who wants to wait for the delicious food once the cooking cycle is complete? So, if you are unable to remove the bowl after cooking, it can be frustrating for sure. First of all, the bowl can only be removed once the cooking cycle is complete. However, if it still doesn’t come out, we suggest using the detachable bowl handle. It helps remove the bowl and the food inside.

While trying to remove the bowl after cooking, you need to ensure that the handles’ jaws are open. In addition, you could add a bowl handle over the bowl’s lip. If it still doesn’t come out, you could try sliding the lever in the forward directly because the handle will get a grip of the inner bowl, hence easy detachment.

2) Switches Off In Middle Of Cooking Function

When the air fryer switches off in the middle of the cooking function, it can result in cooking issues. In the majority of cases, the air fryer switches off due to power issues. First of all, there are chances that the power cord has gone bad. The power cords tend to wear out with time and can create internal power signal issues.

We suggest that you look for the physical damages. In addition, you could use the multimeter to check the continuity issues. That being said, you need to replace the power cords. On the contrary, if the power cord is working fine, we suggest opting for some other power outlet because power interruptions in the power outlet will result in such issues.

3) White Smoke From The Air Fryer

For the people using Oster air fryers, white smoke is one of the most common issues. However, there is nothing serious about the white smoke. The white smoke usually comes out of the Oster air fryer when you are cooking something greasy or fatty. This is because when the greasy or fatty food cooks, it drips oil into the bottom of the basket.

As a result, it will burn, and white smoke will come out. If you want to resolve this issue, we suggest adding water to the bottom of the basket, and it will cut off the white smoke. On the other hand, some people also struggle with black smoke. The black smoke is usually the result of electrical component issues. For this reason, you need to switch off the air fryer and take it to the technician.

4) Non-Crispy Food

The prime objective of using air fryer is healthy and crispy food, right? So, if the food doesn’t come out crispy enough, there is something wrong with the food you are cooking. Before we move to the fix, food issues mean chewy or soft food, and some people complain about dry and texture-less food. Now, let’s move to the solution.

First of all, you cannot cook crispy or juicy food in the Oster air fryer if you don’t add oil. It’s better that you add a thin layer of butter or oil as it brings out the crispy texture. However, while adding oil to the air fryer, always use healthy options, such as olive oil rather than vegetable oil.

5) Lingering Smell In Food

Imagine biting on chicken pops and it tasting like spinach (you would hate it, right?). That being said, if your food has a lingering smell of other food, you need to think about your cleaning regimes. After every cooking function, it’s best that you clean up the cooking basket thoroughly. The mixture of soap and warm water is better because it cleans the basket and takes away the smell.

In addition to cleaning the basket, you must clean air fryer add-ons as well, such as racks and trays. If the manufacturer allows, you can opt for dishwasher cleaning. Generally, it’s best to clean the air fryer add-ons after every cooking function.

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