No Onion No Garlic No Problem: Substitutes For Garlic And Onions

no onion no garlic no problem
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no onion no garlic no problem

If you do not want to use onion or garlic in your recipes, then here is the good news for you. Yes, you can avoid onion and garlic in your recipes. Your dishes will still taste good but there will be a slight difference in flavor if you make it without using onion. There are certain substitutes available to replace onion and garlic in recipes. So, no onion? no garlic? no problem.

But what to use in place of these ingredients if both are an integral component of a recipe. Here, the situation becomes tricky because you have to avoid onion and garlic and simultaneously you do not want to disturb the flavor of a dish.

For such situations, you have to search for some other alternatives. Those alternatives should be capable of giving a somewhat similar taste to your dish. Also, they won’t have some of the negative aspects that onion and garlic have on your health. Overall, they are healthy but can cause some health issues.

Don’t worry we will give you information about other available options to replace your favorite kitchen staple.

No Onion No Garlic No Problem

Substitutes for onion

You can achieve the onion-like texture of recipes by using other vegetables and spices. Try using Celery and fennel in your dishes to achieve onion flavor. These can be useful because they give almost a similar taste to your dish as that of onion.

You can avoid stomach flaring by restricting the use of an onion staple in cooking. It can open a new way for your cooking experiments. You can try new and different herbs or spices to obtain the taste of onion and garlic. Usually, chives are considered the best substitute for onion and garlic as they have mild notes of both staples. You can use fresh and dried chives for this purpose. 

Substitutes for Garlic

If your stomach can not tolerate garlic, then the use of capsicums and diced carrot will be an amazing option. These substitutes will suffice the need for garlic and onion in your recipe and will give taste flavor.

Ingredients infused with garlic can be a useful way to substitute garlic. Like garlic-infused olive oil with a low FODMAP can be a good replacement and it is also safe for consumers. Chives can be an effective substitute in your no garlic no onion diet plan.

Spring onions can be used in place of onions. Similarly, Alfa One Garlic Flavored rice bran oil could be a useful substitute for your recipes that requires garlic ingredient.


The unavailability of onion and garlic does not mean that you will have to bear dull and uninspiring tastes of dishes. Rather a few ways can help to add the same vibrancy and zest to recipes even without your favorite flavor pillars.

Onion and garlic are the favorite kitchen staples that go with almost all kinds of savory dishes. So, if you do not have onion and garlic for use then try their alternatives. The use of alternatives in dishes in place of onion and garlic will be just perfect.

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