3 Ways To Fix Ninja Foodi Oven Not Turning On

ninja foodi oven not turning on
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ninja foodi oven not turning on

Ninja Foodi is one of the finest companies that provide a variety of cookware, kitchen products, and similar items that are mostly used while cooking food. The reason behind the company’s popularity is simply because of how great their products are to use.

How to Fix Ninja Foodi Oven Not Turning On?

Plenty of users have been complaining about facing different kinds of issues while using their oven. Out of all these issues, a really common one that managed to stand out was that their oven was simply not turning on.

If you are also someone who is facing a similar issue, then there is nothing to worry about. Today, we will be helping you figure out how you can fix these issues by applying a number of troubleshooting steps. All of the steps can be found mentioned down below:

  1. Check the Power Source

In case you notice your oven to not start at all, the first thing that you need to check is the power source of the appliance. In simple words, you will have to check the power cable of the appliance as well as the socket where you are plugging in the cable.

The issue could be as simple as pushing the cable in the socket. However, it could also be that the socket or cable is faulty. Another possibility is that you have a short circuit. Before moving on, we recommend checking every possible power source due to which the oven could not be turning on.

  1. Faulty Component

Another reason for the oven to not turn on could be due to a faulty component. In case you do have a faulty component, you may not be able to repair the part itself. Instead, we recommend you get the oven checked by a professional.

He should be able to figure out exactly which component inside the oven is faulty, and how you can replace it. He may also be able to replace the component by himself. In either case, getting the oven checked should help you a lot.

  1. Get a Replacement

A really effective way in fixing the issue is to get a complete replacement. It is possible that you were sent a faulty unit. This is true in particular if you were facing the issue from the very beginning. If that really is the case, then contacting customer support could prove to very helpful.

They should help you get the whole unit replaced. If not, then we’re afraid you might have to buy yourself a new replacement.

The Bottom Line

Ninja Foodi oven not turning on? These are the 3 different ways on how you can fix the issue without facing any further complications. Ensure that you follow all the instructions as we have mentioned in the article.

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