Ninja Foodi Grill Light Blinking: 6 Ways To Fix

ninja foodi grill light blinking
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ninja foodi grill light blinking

Ninja Foodi Grill has become pretty famous over these years. That’s mainly because this kitchen equipment is designed with promising cooking performance. On the other hand, Ninja Foodi grill light blinking has been bugging some users, and they are clueless about it. For this purpose, we are sharing the easy fixes to stop blinking!

Ninja Foodi Grill Light Blinking

1) Lid Position

The Ninja Foodi grill is designed with incredible security and protection standards. That being said, if the light is blinking, there are chances that you haven’t placed the lid correctly. The lid must be locked into the cooking pot to ensure it starts working. While placing the lid, make sure that the lid is properly installed and has lined up properly. Once the lid is placed, the light blinking will stop!

2) Plastic Assembly

When it comes down to the Ninja Foodi grill, you must check the plastic assembly. In particular, the assembly will have black color. This assembly is pushed down when the users need to lock the cooking pot. The assembly is designed with two tabs, one sticks up at the jar’s top, and one goes down to the bottom. The placement for plastic assembly must be proper, and the tabs must click. Once the plastic assembly is placed in, the blinking is likely to stop.

3) Lid & Handle

The Ninja Foodi grill users need to consider the lid and handle placement to ensure the light stops blinking. The users will need to lock the lid while moving the handle in the down position. It will ensure that the lid will lock up properly. Once the lid is locked, make sure that the arrows on the handle are aligned. As a result, the light will stop blinking.

4) Power Interruptions

The power interruptions can lead the blinking light issues. The users will need to check the power cable and the power outlet. First of all, the users need to check the power cable and make sure there are no damages. The damages can lead to interruptions in electric signals. That being said, once the power cable is changed, the power interruptions will stop.

On the contrary, if changing the power cable doesn’t work, you must check the power outlet as well. It is suggested that you use the Ninja Foodi grill in another power outlet. Once you choose the right power outlet, the power interruption will stop, and you won’t have the blinking issue.

5) Basket Installation

The Ninja Foodi grill is designed with the protection and safety features as we have already mentioned. That being said, you will need to check the basket and make sure it has proper installation. It’s better if you remove the basket from the Ninja Foodi grill and install it again. While you are at it, you must ensure that basket is properly locked in.

6) Mechanical Issues

In some cases, there are no issues with installation or power because the light is faulty. For instance, there are chances that the light has fused or is short. That being said, you will need to check with the technician and ask them to check the light. As a result, they can solve the light issue, and it will stop blinking!

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