Ninja Coffee Maker: How To Turn Off Clean Light?

ninja coffee maker how to turn off clean light
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ninja coffee maker how to turn off clean light

Only coffee lovers know how much coffee is important for a complete life. Coffee provides its drinker with refreshing morning, midday work relief, and a whole serene night. From a nutritional perspective, it has antioxidants that hinder the oxidation process in the body. So, to have perfect coffee in your mug, you only need an efficient and durable coffee maker. 

Ninja Coffee Maker: How To Turn Off Clean Light?

Ninja coffee maker is worth a bid. It is known for its easy use and easy to clean function.

Besides, it perfectly brews your coffee. However, many ninja coffee maker users complain that their maker’s clean light turn’s on frequently. And they are unable to turn the clean light off. We will discuss the reasons and solutions regarding the ninja coffee maker clean light issue.

Should I Clean Ninja Coffee Maker To Do Away Clean Light?

The Ninja coffee maker has a built-in cleaning alert mechanism, which indicates that the machine needs cleaning. The alert receives through clean light. The clean alert system of the Ninja coffee maker works when it identifies sediments left in the machine. To turn off the clean light, use a cleaning agent with water, and press the machine’s clean button. 

The cleaning process takes 8 to 12 minutes. In the next step, drain all the cleaning agent water and add tap water. Then, press the clean button once again. In this way, your Ninja coffee maker will fully be cleaned. 

What Can I Do When Ninja Coffee Maker’s Clean Light Turn On Too Frequent?

Many Ninja coffee maker users have complained that they are witnessing recurring clean light. Even the machine indicates clean light when it has used very little. If you have the same kind of problem, you should clean your coffee maker more than one or two times because either you are using high concentrated water or not cleaning the machine thoroughly. Therefore, use distilled water and clean your machine properly. You will less likely find any difficulty after doing this.

Can I Turn Off Ninja Coffee Maker’ Clean Light By Machine Restart?

Like every electrical machine, the Ninja coffee maker does have hardware problems. But you don’t have to be irritated about clean light flashing. To remove the irritant, you should apply the machine restart method. First, press the power button for the machine to turn off, then remove the socket wire. Wait three to five minutes so that static current may drain out. Afterward, plug the wire and press the power button. You will not find clean light on your Ninja Coffee maker if it does not have any other hardware fault.


In a nutshell, the Ninja coffee maker has very sensitive cleaning software, and its hardware components don’t let you have your coffee until you clean it. But if you are not using high concentrated water or cleaning it properly and still your coffee machine is not working properly. Then, either call Ninja customer care center or replace your coffee machine.

In this draft, we have presented all the essential info regarding the topic. We believe the facts mentioned above will help you out. We encourage your feedback in the comment section below.

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