Ninja Coffee Bar Clock Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

ninja coffee bar clock not working
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ninja coffee bar clock not working

Coffee is an absolute beverage for people who need to get up and be fresh. Ninja coffee bar helps make tea, iced coffee, cold-brew coffee, and more. In addition, it can be used to make rich and classic coffees and all of it within ten minutes. On the contrary, the Ninja coffee bar clock not working will impact the brewing experience. So, let’s check out the troubleshooting methods!

Ninja Coffee Bar Clock Not Working

1) Filter Mechanism

When the clock is not working, first of all, you need to check the filtering mechanism. With this being said, the filtering mechanism should be properly pushed in while the drip stop must be open.

2) Settings

While using the Ninja coffee bar, keep in mind that the settings must be properly adjusted for the clock to work. It is better to check the manual that came with the coffee bar. This is because the manual has proper settings that make the clockwork. Secondly, the beep settings must be adjusted.

3) Reboot

While using the Ninja and unable to use the clock, it might be because the coffee machine is heated up. Likewise, you could try taking out the power cord from the machine as well as from the wall source. Then, you must wait for five minutes before you insert the power cord again. It will reset the Ninja coffee bar and it will bring back the coffee bar to an optimal condition.

4) Setup

If you need the coffee bar’s clock to work properly, you need a complete setup. In the first place, check the user or instruction manual and make sure the coffee bar is properly switched on. Secondly, you must ensure that the water reservoir is filled up to the right line and the correct brew size is selected. As far as the filters are concerned, you must be using the permanent or #4 paper filter. Thirdly, the drip stop lever must be pushed to the right side.

5) Power Interruption

When it comes down to the clock not working issues with Ninja coffee bar, it’s highly likely that there is a power interruption. In this case, you need to check the power source, aka the wall switch. This is because if the wall switch is not working, it will cause power interruptions, hence a functionality issue with the clock.

In addition to checking the power source, you will need to check for the cables. That’s to say because if the cables have continuity issues, it will lead to electric signal interruptions. You could try using the multimeter to check the continuity of the power cables. If there is such an issue, replace the cables with a new one and it will work.

6) Hardware

The prime reason that clock might not be working is that the clock has hardware issues. Likewise, you will need to take the coffee bar to the expert technician and they will check for the hardware issues if any. If you don’t have the expert technician around, you can call Ninja customer support and they will send the technician. If the coffee bar is in warranty, the repair will be free!

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