Ninja Blender Lid Won’t Come Off: 4 Ways To Fix

Ninja Blender Lid Won’t Come Off
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Ninja Blender Lid Won’t Come Off

Ninja blenders are some of the best blenders in the market, depending on what you’re looking to use them for. They’re durable and easy to use, which are some excellent bonuses.

This is why they have become quite ubiquitous and are amongst the most widely used blenders worldwide. However, much like any other appliance in the market, they come with their own set of issues. No matter how durable they are, you can’t expect them to run seamlessly forever.

Ninja Blender Lid Won’t Come Off

One issue in particular faced by many Ninja blender users is one regarding the lid. Many Ninja blender users have complained that this lid sometimes gets stuck and becomes very difficult to remove.

Of course, it’s very frustrating for the users as prying off the lid consumes a lot of their valuable time. If you’re facing an issue like this, here are some solutions that should help.

Top Reasons and Solutions to Open a Stuck Ninja Blender’s Lid

There are many reasons why the lid of the Ninja blender gets stuck sometimes. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fix this issue.

  1. The Lid May Be Clogged

Without an iota of doubt, blenders are one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. From desserts to sauces, they help you make various food items. One of the main reasons why the lid of the Ninja blender doesn’t come off is because the lid may be clogged with food particles.

However, the more you use your Ninja blender, the higher are the chances of the lid getting clogged. Over time, food particles can get clogged, rendering the lid hard to open. Sticky food items, such as particles of bananas and peanuts, can accumulate over time and cause problems.

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If that’s the case and you suspect that food particles have accumulated in the lid, hold the Ninja blender in your hands and try applying gentle pressure on the backside of the lid (the side with the release button).

When you put pressure on the backside, it will pressure the lumps under the lid. While applying pressure, press the release button simultaneously, and the lid will probably come off. Make sure to hold it tightly so it just doesn’t slip through your hands.

The best way to avoid food particles from clogging the lid is to clean your Ninja blender every time you use it. It may sound tedious, but there’s no denying the fact that it ensures the well-being of its lid.

Peanut butter splashes on the lid of the food blender
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While the accumulated food particles are easy to clean early on, dealing with them later when they get hard could be pretty challenging. Users can easily do so with the help of a table knife and other sharp items.

Alternatively, prying it open with the help of a sharp object has also worked for some people, though there’s a risk that you might damage the blender’s internal mechanism or cause scratches. For this purpose, try prying open the lid forcefully but at the same time very carefully.

Make sure to do this very gently, as too much force will indeed cause damage. A simpler method would be to try opening it by force with your own hands.

Mother and little daughter cleaning blender in kitchen
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Try wearing a pair of gloves, which would provide you with a much more stable grip on the Ninja blender’s lid, and then try to get it open. While opening the lid, you may feel that the more force you apply, the more it is slipping through your hands.

Rubber gloves come in handy in such situations as they offer a better grip and ensure that it doesn’t slip through. If that was not enough either, the simple solution below is sure to work.

  1. The Components May Be Worn Out

Another common reason you may have a hard time opening the lid of your Ninja blender is that the components of the lid may be worn out over time. The worn-out parts can affect the suction power, which leads to a stuck lid of the Ninja blender.

ninja blender with smart torque
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Sometimes, parts of the blades inside the lid break off with time. Furthermore, the O-ring of the lid can also get damaged and cause problems with the lid. Apart from that, the release mechanism of Ninja blenders features small tabs that may also wear out.

Whatever the reason is, there’s a chance it may cause the lid to get stuck over time.


In case the components of your Ninja blender are worn out, you’d have no option but to replace them. Consider seeking help from a professional and ask them if they can fix it. They may ask you to buy new components to replace worn-out ones.

Call customer service
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Fortunately, finding the accessories for Ninja blenders is not a problem since they are widely used. Just reach out to your nearby hardware store, and the chances are that you’d find them there.

  1. Excessive Water After Cleaning

Any professional will tell you how important it is to keep the lid dry. While cleaning, water can remain in the lid and cause problems later. If you put your Ninja blender in a dishwasher, the water may remain in the seal and drastically increase its suction power, which will make it hard to open.

Wait Some Hours

One solution for this problem is to wait it out simply. It may seem a little too easy to work, but sometimes all that you need to do to get the lid to open again is to wait a few hours. This is the best possible solution for all those who use a dishwasher to clean their Ninja blenders after usage.

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That’s because the water used for this cleaning process needs to dry off, especially if any of it gets around the lid and on its seal. This water creates tight suction between the seal, making it very difficult to take off the lid after it is cleaned.

Luckily the problem fixes itself after waiting for a while. This means there aren’t any solutions in particular that users need to try in this specific scenario, other than simply placing the Ninja blender somewhere it can quickly dry off.

  1. Pressure On The Lid

Woman blending spinach, berries, bananas and almond
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Using the Ninja blender to blend thick and frozen items can create immense pressure on the lid. This will increase its suction power, and the lid may be stuck. If you overfill the blender often, it may also cause problems.

Fill the Pitcher with Water

As you might have guessed, all that needs to be done to try this specific fix is to fill the blender’s pitcher with water. This fix will work best if the water being put inside is warm, so try to get either boiled water or hot tap water.

Now just let the Ninja blender sit aside for about a minute or two before trying to open it once again. Get a good grip on the lid and try to remove it very gently. It should come off very easily once you do all of this without requiring too much force

These are some of the best fixes for getting your Ninja blender’s lid off again without causing any lasting damage to the blender itself.

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