Mold On Grapes? (3 Things To Know)

Mold On Grapes
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Mold On Grapes

Grapes are one of the most delicious fruits because it has a perfect combination of sweet flavor and juicy texture. However, they have a limited shelf life and need reliable storage to prevent mold growth.

Mold On Grapes

On the other hand, if your grapes already have mold on them and you aren’t sure what to do with them, we are sharing the guide with you!

Consuming Moldy Grapes

Grapes are water-based fruits and it’s common for them to become moldy within two to three days of plucking. For this reason, it’s usually safe to consume moldy grapes but you’ve to wash them with water.

You can also soak them in three parts water and one part vinegar solution for fifteen minutes to kill bacteria. However, you should eat such grapes only if they are firm because squishy grapes have a foul taste.

Overall, the mold on grapes is not harmful because it’s common for wine producers to let the grapes become moldy as it helps them in the fermentation process. Eating such grapes doesn’t pose any threats to your health, but if you are in doubt, just throw them out and eat the fresh ones.

Storing The Grapes To Prevent Mold Development

While it’s okay to eat grapes that have a bit of mold, it’s recommended that you follow the correct storage method to prevent mold development. For this reason, we are sharing a few storage tips;

  1. Storing In Refrigerator

One of the best ways of storing the grapes is to refrigerate them. The grapes should be stored at 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit while the humidity should be 90% to 95%. For this reason, you should put the grapes in a crisper drawer as it’s the most chilled part of the refrigerator.

In addition, you should put grapes with smelly food items, such as fish and onion, because they tend to absorb the odors. So, always use the crisp drawer and keep them away from other food items.

  1. Avoid Washing Them

It’s common for people to start rinsing the grapes as soon as they come home but it’s not recommended if you have to store them for longer. That’s because dry grapes have a lower chance of mold development while moisture on the wet grapes can accelerate mold development.

For this reason, put the grapes container in the crisper drawer without washing it. In addition, when you have to use the grapes, just use a colander to rinse them but make sure you use cool and running water.

  1. Provide The Breathing Room

The grapes need breathing room to be able to retain themselves, which is why you should avoid using an airtight container or ziplock bags. These containers and bags create humidity, which increases the chances of spoilage.

For this reason, it’s better to use the storage container that grapes came in or any plastic box. In addition, you can use a ventilated bag to offer breathing room.

  1. Freezing

If you don’t have to use grapes within four to five days of purchase, it’s recommended that you freeze them. Frozen grapes can be used in cocktails to replace ice cubes. In addition, frozen grapes can be added to smoothies or you can eat them as a refreshing snack.

Proper storage of the grapes not only prevents mold development but also keeps them firm and crisp. In the refrigerator, the grapes can last for over three weeks as long as you don’t wash them and use a crisper drawer. Also, the grapes can be frozen for around three to four months.

Shopping For Grapes

Whenever you have to purchase grapes, make sure you purchase the round and plump ones because discolored and shriveled grapes won’t last long. In addition, the grapes should be attached to the stem firmly (avoid the grapes that have dry and brittle stems).

The Bottom Line

To some extent, consuming moldy grapes is fine but you can use the storage tips mentioned in the article to prevent such issues. However, you should discard the grapes if they are brown and have a squishy texture. In addition, the grapes don’t have a significant smell, which is why grapes with a strong odor should be avoided.

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