Misen Cookware Review: Features, Pros and Cons

misen cookware review
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misen cookware review

Misen Cookware Review

In an expert kitchen, “mise en place” means to setup is the term chefs use to narrate the way of setting their stations before starting service. Misen is a tribute to mise en place, with the company declaring that Misen cookware is intended to assist you with cooking better by setting up quality utensils.

Misen’s cookware is for the optimistic All-Clad proprietor with a mid-market financial plan. Misen can be the brand for you in case you’re giving sharp consideration to consistency and like to feel the quality of the things you work with.

Cookware Structure

Like different brands we have tried, Misen’s pans and skillets are made of a few layers of aluminum clad by stainless steel. The aluminum provides all the pieces equal distribution of heat and the stainless steel gives strength. It looks attractive and prevents the aluminum from draining into your eggs or cream sauce and turning it badly grey. The handles are also made of stainless steel and connected with bolts.

The Starter Cookware Set contains a 3-quart sauté dish, 10-inch skillet, and a 3-quart pan along with two lids.

Misen Price

The Starter Cookware Set price is $250. Purchase similar pieces from All-Clad on Amazon and it will cost you $430.


Outstanding Performance

3 layers of expert evaluation without PFOA nonstick for fantastic sautéing and frying, and with quick delivery and easy cleanup.


Strong anodized aluminum that heats up rapidly and uniformly and opposes distorting, with bolted stainless steel handles


Stainless steel base compatible with all cooktops, which includes induction, and stove safe up to 500°F


Lids made of tempered glass to observe food during cooking, keeping food warm later, and dishwasher safe for simple cleaning

Cookware Look and Feel

It is an observation that Misen is heavier than alternative brands, which means it takes more time than usual for preheating due to the slow conductivity of heat. It is a plus point to avoid food from burning or scorching.

Pan’s body is brushed with stainless steel and the handles are smooth. On the sauté skillet, there’s an extra handle that is very useful as this cookware is heavier. But it should have to be on the 3-quart pot too.

As the handles are connected with bolts, which gives the cookware an expert look and makes them unusually long-lasting. But, you should be cautious while cleaning them to take out the food’s waste that has collected there. The skillet has straight sides which makes it advantageous for stewing a one-dish supper yet less helpful for turning over an omelet.

Misen Set Performance

At the point when we lubed and floured the skillet, we got searing on the base and even up the sides of the dish. An Italian chicken stew simmered gradually and consistently in the 3-quart sauté skillet. The rice will be moist and soft from the 3-quart pot. A sirloin strip steak cooks equally to brilliant brown color with no overcooking.

Easy to Use and Clean

You can easily hold the pot handles without a potholder while cooking on a burner. But, the lid handles get too hot to hold bare-handed. As the cookware is stove safe up to 500°F, you can make mac ‘n cheese and afterward give it a firm topping by running it under the grill. You can use Misen for induction cooking.


  • The pot handles remain sufficiently cool to deal with during cooking.
  • The cost is more affordable than cookware from other brands.
  • It divides heat uniformly.


  • It hasn’t got a nonstick skillet, 12-inch skillet, or extra-huge pot.
  • The handles are connected with bolts, which make cleaning difficult.


Misen is top-notch cookware that contrasts with All-Clad in cooking however cost is impressively less. The stainless steel structure will allow you to cook professionally without getting something burned. Food quality will be increased by using high-quality pans and pots from Misen cookware.

misen cookware review
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