Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working – 4 Self-Checks Before Calling The Repairman

microwave exhaust fan not working
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microwave exhaust fan not working

The microwave oven is an important part of every kitchen, but that doesn’t make it a tough appliance. This is because many people end up wondering why the microwave exhaust fan is not working. So, with this post, we are sharing the common reasons behind this issue and related solutions!

Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working – What To Do?

When your microwave’s exhaust fan stops working, there are actually various reasons behind it, and some of them include the following;

1. Charcoal Filter

When it comes down to having the electronic appliance, it’s evident that they need proper care. However, when the exhaust fan stops working, it could be because of the charcoal filter (the clogged filter, to be precise). The charcoal filter is generally used in over-the-range microwaves, so it can absorb the contamination and smell that comes from regular reheating of the food. The pollutants are likely to build up, resulting in blocking and clogging of the filter. For this reason, you need to check out the manual and see how you can replace the charcoal filter. There are chances that you might need a screwdriver to take off the grill and access the charcoal filter. If the filter is clogged, get it replaced and watch the exhaust fan start working efficiently.

2. Grease Filter

When the exhaust fan stops working out of nowhere, it could be because of a blocked grease filter. If you are unaware of the functionality, the grease filter is responsible for absorbing fats and oils from the food that’s heated in the microwave and keeps the exhaust system clean and clear. For this reason, it’s common for these filters to become blocked and clogged. The grease filters are installed on the bottom side of the microwave and are fastened with spring clips. For this reason, you need to locate the grease filter and take it out. Once the filter is out, check it for clogging and other damages – if there are such issues, you can try cleaning the filter with water and soap solution. However, if it’s beyond cleaning, just replace the grease filter.

3. Damper Assembly

The damper assembly is crucial for the microwave oven, and its ineffective performance could be the reason the exhaust fan has stopped working. The damper is constructed of plastic or metal that seals the duct whenever the fan goes off and opens when the exhaust fan is operational. That being said, you must locate the damper assembly in your microwave oven and look for the signs of damage, wearing, and cracking. If there are such issues, just opt for the replacement of the damper assembly.

4. Fan Motor

When the exhaust fan stops working, there are high chances that the fan motor isn’t working at its best. The fan motor is essential for circulating air throughout the exhaust system. To check if this is the issue, you must inspect the fan motor for continuity. If you see lags in the continuity chart, call the electrician because he can better suggest if the motor needs a repair or a replacement.

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