Mezzi Rigatoni vs Rigatoni – Comparison and Uses

mezzi rigatoni vs rigatoni
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Mezzi Rigatoni vs Rigatoni

The size and the shape of pasta can have a huge impact on the cooking procedure as well as the type of sauce you should use. So, you shouldn’t just pick any pasta type for your dish and try to stick with pasta that you know how to use. That way, it will be easier to manage the consistency of the dish, and you won’t have any hard time while trying to develop a masterpiece. On top of that, you won’t have to modify the sauce mixture. 

There have been many questions regarding the rigatoni and Mezzi rigatoni pasta variants. If you’re also interested in the different use cases of these pasta variants, then the following information will help you. 

Mezzi Rigatoni vs Rigatoni

Mezzi Rigatoni

This rigatoni pasta variant brings a shorter length to pasta pieces, and you will have to modify the cooking procedure accordingly to create an ideal dish. The Mezzi Rigatoni pasta is almost half the length of Rigatoni pasta and brings a lighter shape to your recipe. So, if you prefer the use of lighter pasta in our dish, then Mezzi Rigatoni is perfect for you. This pasta will help you manage the flavor of creamier sauces, and you won’t have to rely on any strong ingredients. 

If you don’t really like the use of strong sauces that overwhelm the flavor of the dish, then Mezzi Rigatoni is perfect for you. While using this pasta, you won’t have to use any ingredient that will mask the original flavor of the pasta. On top of that, Mezzi Rigatoni goes well with lighter sauces that are not chunky or thick in texture. 

The best thing about this pasta is that it is easier to eat and you won’t have any hard time in the cooking process. The sauce will cover its softer texture quite nicely, and you will be done in no time. So, if you’re trying to create something with a lighter presence, then Mezzi Rigatoni is the perfect option for you. 

All in all, the only difference between rigatoni and Mezzi rigatoni is the size of the pasta. In Mezzi Rigatoni, the size of pasta is half as large as the rigatoni pasta. This feature makes Mezzi rigatoni perfect for lighter sauces that won’t overwhelm the dish. Moreover, many users have said that the Mezzi Rigatoni is easier to manage, and you can cook it in no time. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of evenly distributing sauce for several minutes, then this pasta is perfect for you. 


It is a long pasta that comes in the shape of a tube. The texture of rigatoni and Mezzi rigatoni are quite similar, and the only difference is in size. The length of this pasta can vary depending upon where you purchase it from. So, you will have to modify the cooking procedure accordingly to achieve the perfect flavor and consistency. With that said, rigatoni pasta with a longer length is usually curved, and people often confuse it with elbow pasta. However, the angle of the curve is not substantial enough, and if the pasta is only slightly curved, then there is no need to confuse it for elbow pasta. 

The heavier texture of Rigatoni pasta makes it better suited for chunkier sauces that bring a robust flavor to the recipe. So, if you’re someone who prefers the use of stronger sauces in your recipe, then the original rigatoni pasta is perfect for you. There is no need to waste time on the Mezzi Rigatoni as the sauce won’t stick properly to the smaller pasta pieces. 

On top of that, the unique flavor of pasta will be masked by the sauce. So, you need to base the decision on the type of sauce you prefer in your recipes. If you like to use stronger and thicker sauces, then rigatoni is a better option. Otherwise, there is no harm in choosing Mezzi Rigatoni for lighter sauces. 

All in all, Rigatoni is a pasta type with larger tube-like pieces that can often be bent at an angle. The angle of the bent is quite minimal, and you won’t have any challenging time with this piece. So, make sure to consider all these factors as you’re trying to purchase pasta for your meal. 

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