Maytag Fridge Not Cooling: 7 Ways To Fix

maytag fridge not cooling
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maytag fridge not cooling

When ranging from keeping the vegetable fresh to storing leftovers for later, fridges or refrigerators are an essential part of our modern and busy lives. We rely on our fridges to save our food from rotting and thus, many types of refrigerators are available in the market with the Maytag fridge being one of the kinds. But many users have problems regarding the Maytag fridge not cooling.

Although problems regarding the fridge often require professional assistance some home remedies often come in handy most of the time. If you’re facing such problems too then this article will provide you with some solutions that might help solve the query.

Maytag Fridge Not Cooling

1) Make Sure If Maytag Fridge Is Turned On

First, check if the fridge is properly plugged in, else, plug in the fridge and turn on the power supply. Also, make sure that the fridge is switched on from the digital control panel. This can be simply done by turning on the power button that is present on the digital control panel.

2) Temperature Adjustment

Sometimes, if the fridge is located near a heat source or simply in a room with a high temperature then users often face difficulties regarding their fridge not cooling. this can be simply solved by relocating the fridge’s location to a new location that is not hot or is located near a heat source. Also, the cooling of a fridge can be controlled by decreasing the temperature levels by using the control panel. One can adjust the fridge temperature to 37 degrees Fahrenheit which is the ideal temperature or to a temperature low as desired.

3) Settings

It is also possible that someone has accidentally left the cooling supply switch off in the settings which is often done in case of power failure. This kind of problems can be solved by clicking on the settings option and turning on the cooling supply.

4) Blocked Vents

Overloading the fridge with a large quantity of food may result in blockage of air supply to the vents. We know that vents help in the flow of air between the fridge and the freezer to maintain the temperature. If the vents are blocked, the flow of air decreases which increases the temperature inside the fridge. Thus, avoid overloading the fridge with tons of food and keep the vent area clean and less crowded. The vents can also be blocked by dirt, dust, or spilled food. Therefore, it is advised that users should keep their fridge clean and tidy.

5) Clean Condenser Coils

The condenser coil and the vents work together to maintain the temperature inside the fridge. The main function of the condenser coil is to expel the heat out of the fridge to maintain a low temperature inside the refrigerator.

If the condenser coils are blocked due to dirt and debris, then the temperature inside the fridge cannot be maintained efficiently resulting in high temperature inside the refrigerator and thus rotting of food and drinks. So, proper and thorough cleaning of the refrigerator is required monthly.

6) Maytag Fridge Door Seals

The cooling system of the fridge does not work properly if the doors of the fridge are not properly closed, and the air tighten. Usually, door seals are responsible for locking the air inside the fridge. But if the seal is broken or is not clean then it does not function properly. The damage to seals is common as they can be easily worn out because of the opening and closing of the fridge’s door which reduces the ability of the seal to tighten the air inside the fridge. For such situations, the most thorough cleaning of the seals can fix the problem and if cleaning does not work and the seal is broken or damaged then replacing it with the new one is the ultimate solution to solve the problem. Also, check the leveling of the fridge because if the fridge is not well balanced, the air often leaks through the seals.

7) Professional Help

If the problem is not because of the above-mentioned possibilities or if the Maytag fridge has cooling problems due to some damage to the compressor, wiring, control board, or fan, then the user should contact professional help to repair their Maytag fridge and help solve the problem.

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