Mauviel vs Demeyere: What’s The Difference?

mauviel vs demeyere
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mauviel vs demeyere

Using the right pan is an absolute necessity since it impacts the cooking performance and outcome. With the availability of various brands in the market, it gets hard to choose one. For easing your pan and pot hunt for your kitchen, we are sharing information about Mauviel Vs. Demeyere since these are top brands in the market!

Mauviel vs Demeyere


This company is famous for their pans and they have designed an extensive range of skillets and pans. The pans are available in various shapes and the base metal changes with every model. The majority of their pans are designed with stainless steel and bimetal copper. However, some older pot models are designed with copper construction, along with tin lining. Truth be told, there is no right and wrong with the pans.

In case you opt for the tin-lined copper options, they have better heat conductivity and the surface is usually nonstick (slight, of course). On the contrary, there is a temperature limit with this cookware since it cannot comply with the highest temperature ranges. The stainless-steel lining options will have lower heat conductivity, along with food sticking issues. However, the stainless-steel cookware is obviously more durable and is great for searing.

When it comes down to the Mauviel cookware, they have designed the triply cookware line with high-end handling. As far as the material of the handle is concerned, it either has a brass handle or cast-iron handle. However, some models have stainless steel handles as well; stainless steel is a poor heat conductor which means it won’t get hot. Although, we aren’t happy with the appearance of the handle because cast-iron or copper ones look much better.

Irrespective of the material, the handles are sculptured precisely and are well-made, hence better control on the pan or pot. The handles have divots in the center for placing the thumb while sides are raised for better grip. Their older models have three rivets but the newer models have two rivets. Coming down to the shape of pans, they utilize the French style for the frying pans while there are no rolled lips.

The copper cookware has a 2.5mm copper thickness level with the high-end option. On the contrary, the cheaper models have 2mm or lesser thickness. The pans are great for the quick-cooking response which makes them great for cooking sauces. However, the copper cookware is not for searing. Mauviel has tin as well as stainless-steel lining for their cookware. These linings will ensure that acidic food doesn’t react with the metal (copper is the reactive metal).


This is the Belgian company operating since 1908. However, this company is now the property of Werhahn Group. This is actually a cookware company that has constructed an extensive range of cookware. When it comes down to the skillets, they are designed with a magnetic stainless base. As a result, it has been designed with three-layer which leads to better induction and the responsiveness to heating is high-end.

The cookware is designed with an easy cleaning capacity. The cookware has a stainless-steel or inox design which is designed to reduce stickiness. However, the non-stickiness is not as good as ceramic or Teflon. For reducing the stickiness, the pan must be heated with the oil as it creates lubrication. In simpler words, heat the pan, add the oil, and add food from the top. The pans have a thermal mass that leads to optimal temperature retaining.

Their pans can be deglazed as well by adding oil or water that makes them suitable for making delicious sauces. All their pans and skillets are designed with silvinox treatment with which the pans are dipped into the electrochemical bath that enhances the nickel and chromium concentration, hence no impurities. As a result, the durability is enhanced while resistance to corrosion will be improved. All in all, the pans and skillets are highly durable.

There are top-notch welds and their pans are designed with a 30-year warranty, pretty valuable. On top of everything, the pans are sturdy. There are no heating issues with these pans because the heat is properly distributed. The best thing about these pans is that there are no heating issues at the edges or center. Some of their pans also have an aluminum layer which increases the thickness but heat-retaining will be improved as well. As a result, the heat distribution is top-notch.

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