Do Not Microwave Maruchan: Why Is It Not Safe?

maruchan do not microwave
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Maruchan Do Not Microwave

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Maruchan is a brand that sells instant ramen and cup noodles. They are a joint Japanese and American venture. Maruchan products are high in iron and several B vitamins. However, they are short on protein, fiber, and some essential health ingredients.

These noodles are extremely cheap but they’re considered by nutritionists to be an unhealthy type of fast food. Over 102 billion instant noodle servings are eaten globally every year (China uses the most), so we think it’s time to investigate them a little more thoroughly.

The Maruchan company says their noodles are made with flour, water, soy sauce, and salt. They are made by frying freshly made noodles. This ensures that the noodles have a long life and do not go bad on the shelf.

The noodles are popular because of their quick and easy cooking process. In this sense, these instant noodles are no different from most other brands.

Why are instant noodles unhealthy if eaten regularly?

  • They contain MSG
  • They are highly processed so are low in nutritive content and fiber
  • They are high in fat
  • They’re high in sodium
  • They contain many artificial colors, preservatives, and flavorings
  • A South Korean study found that there’s an increased risk of metabolic syndrome given instant noodles’ high sodium, glycemic loads, and saturated fat content. The study concluded that excessive consumption of them can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

However, on top of all this, you will see a “do not microwave” tagline on the Maruchan packet which you will not see on most other brands of instant noodles. So what’s up with that?

Maruchan Do Not Microwave

Microwave has revolutionized the culinary world. It cuts down the time it takes to prepare and warm up meals. When microwaves first came out, most people used them solely to reheat and defrost food.

However, with time and new technology, you can now cook almost anything in it. But does that include Maruchan? Nope.

Here’s why you shouldn’t microwave Maruchan products

packages maruchan ramen noodle soup
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Please don’t ignore the “do not microwave” warning on this product. It is there for a good reason. The noodles come with a Styrofoam cover. This polystyrene foam packaging is not safe for use in the microwave. The reason is the cancer-causing agents found in it.

Styrene is the main culprit. When you microwave Styrofoam products, the dangerous chemicals it contains can seep into the food. The chances increase in fatty foods like cheese and meat. Remember we said that Maruchan noodles are fried before packaging?

That means that they too are fatty foods. The Maruchan manufacturers have especially emphasized that you should not microwave it. Please adhere to these guidelines if you use them. Overall, though, these noodles are not good for a regular diet.

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You would do well to avoid them altogether even if you don’t microwave them. Children find them fast and easy to cook and satisfy their taste buds. The noodles include a huge amount of sodium per package – nearly half of the recommended daily intake.

Those with diagnosed high blood pressure should avoid them at all costs. In the long term, these products will negatively impact your family’s health.


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So, what does the Food Drug Authority has to say about this? Generally speaking, plastic is not considered a great choice for heating food items. The FDA has played a pivotal role in this regard. They regulate the Styrofoam and plastic cups and containers for microwave use.

The FDA labels the microwave-safe ones. You should always look out for such a label before microwaving a Styrofoam or plastic container. Maruchan explicitly tells us not to microwave their noodles and it is important you follow the instructions.

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This means they are not FDA-approved for safe microwaving. Almost every kid or college-going student loves to eat cup noodles. It is easy to throw them in the microwave and eat them quickly. However, parents must see if their children are taking in poison.

Maruchan has exclusively stated on their packaging “do not microwave.” This means the packaging is not safe for microwaving.

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