7 Best Marmite Substitutes You Can Use

marmite substitute
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marmite substitute

If you have got a knack for British cuisine, we are sure that you would have heard about marmite. Even more, British people use marmite, and it’s safe to say that they cannot live without it. However, if your recipe demands marmite but you’ve run out of it, we have the marmite substitutes in this article!

Marmite – What Is It?

To illustrate, marmite is the spread with a savory taste. It’s made in the United Kingdom and is a part of British history (the culinary one, in particular). Marmite is famous for the unique flavor and is used in a variety of recipes. It is basically the concentrated yeast extract paste, and people tend to use it as a spread for breakfast.

Even more, it can be used in sandwiches and makes a perfect ingredient for casseroles and stews. However, if you don’t have marmite, it can be easily replaced by the following substitutes!

What Are The Best Marmite Substitutes?

1) Vegemite

It’s safe to say that Vegemite is the cousin of marmite, but it’s from Australia. It has become a fine choice for people who need savory spreads but don’t have vegemite. Vegemite has identical ingredients as marmite. The best thing about vegemite is that the nutritional value is higher as compared to marmite. In particular, the vitamin Bs are higher.

To be honest, vegemite goes way back and has similar tenure as marmite. This is the prime reason that vegemite can be used as a substitute for marmite in terms of application. For instance, vegemite is used in crumpets, toasts, and crackers.

Even more, the savory flavor of vegemite will improve the taste of roasts, soups, and stews. Also, vegemite is vegetarian. However, vegemite is not readily available outside Australia, so that’s the downside.

2) Miso

Miso belongs to Japanese cuisine and is made from a plethora of ingredients. Even if the ingredients are more, the flavor is still the same (yes, savory). Marmite has salty flavor notes, and the umami flavor is our favorite. Even more, the umami flavor is pretty concentrated in miso. In the majority of cases, miso is made with major parts of salt and soybeans (the fermented).

The best thing about miso is that it’s readily available in the supermarket. It’s best to check at the Asian supermarkets. Miso doesn’t have animal products in it, so it’s fine to use for vegetarians. Miso can be used in savory dishes as well as broths.

That being said, miso tends to improve the meaty profile and makes the food perfectly brown. All in all, the thin layer of miso can be used on toast if you are missing your marmite.

3) Promite

If you are still looking for a marmite substitute, promite is a perfect choice and spreads smoothly on the toast. The similar dietary value and ingredients are our favorite which makes it suitable as a substitute for marmite. Promite has an umami flavor, which makes it suitable for crackers and toasts. In addition, it perfectly replaces marmite in soups and stews.

On top of everything, promite is vegetarian and is from Australia. However, it hardly available outside Australia. All in all, the flavor hints of promite are lower than vegemite. In conclusion, it makes a fine substitute for marmite.

4) Tesco Yeast Extract

If you need a readily available substitute for marmite, you can opt for Tesco yeast extract. This is the branded yeast extract and can perfectly replace marmite.

5) Brewer’s Yeast

The brewer’s yeast is widely used for making bread and beer. Similarly, it’s a fine substitute for marmite with bitter taste notes. In addition to the taste profile, it is high in nutritional value.

6) Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Marmite is vegan, and if you need the substitute, nutritional yeast flakes are great. These yeast flakes can be used for vegetarian recipes. The best thing about nutritional yeast flakes is that it has minerals, proteins, vitamins, and a fair percentage of antioxidants.

The nutritional yeast is available in fortified as well as unfortified form. On top of everything, it is widely available in grocery stores. As far as the flavor is concerned, it has a combination of savory and cheesy flavors.

7) Peanut Butter

We are pretty sure that you would have peanut butter at home. So, if you are missing marmite while eating toast, peanut butter will make the perfect substitute. Also, it has a salty and crispy flavor.

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