Mandel Bread vs Biscotti: What’s The Difference?

mandel bread vs biscotti
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mandel bread vs biscotti

Be it banana bread or fruit, there are different types of bread that are consumed with tea. For the most part, these flavored bread options are best served at brunches but it’s important to understand the different types of biscuits served.

For this reason, we are talking about Mandel bread vs. biscotti because they are generally confused with each other. So, are you ready to gain more details?

Mandel Bread vs Biscotti

Mandel Bread

Mandel bread has multiple names, such as kamish and Mandelbrot, so don’t get confused when you listen to different terms. For the most part, it is the cookie that’s originated from Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine and is widely consumed by Jews who belong to Eastern Europe.

If we look at the literal meanings, it means the almond bread and it’s pretty explainable because almond is a common ingredient in these biscuits.

Mandel bread is made by baking the loaf and it’s cut into smaller pieces (slabs) and it’s baked two times to develop the crunchy and crispy exterior. These cookies were famous among itinerant Jews, rabbis, and merchants and it was their staple dessert.

To be honest, the origin is unknown and it’s often confused with biscotti (we will talk about it in the below section). Mandel bread is made with oil (yes, there is no butter) and can be served with the Shabbat dinner.

However, some people do use butter for a better flavor profile, so it’s up to you and the recipe. In case you are wondering about the ingredients, the base ingredients of Mandel bread include eggs, flour, oil, and sugar.

As for the additional ingredients, they are different for everyone but candied fruits, cinnamon, almonds, chocolate chips, and walnuts are used. In addition, let us tell you that Mandel bread is famous as kamishbrot if you are from Ukraine.

The prime difference between Mandel bread and biscotti is that Mandel bread has more fat as compared to biscotti. This higher fat addition leads to a richer texture and flavor (nope, it won’t be dry). That being said, it can be eaten without tea or coffee but it’s welcomed if you like it. In the majority of cases, the Mandel bread is non-dairy.

Also, when the Mandel bread is baked and cut into slabs, you can sprinkle it with a sugar and cinnamon mixture to add additional flavor (it also adds an attractive golden color). All in all, the Mandel bread can be stored in an airtight jar for over two weeks.


To begin with, Biscotti is an Italian cookie and also goes by the name cantuccini. This cookie is baked twice (yes, just like Mandel bread) and it belongs to Prato, a city in Italy. These cookies have an oblong shape and have almonds as the common ingredient.

As compared to Mandel bread, biscotti has a crunchy and dry texture. Biscotti is made as a big loaf of dough and is cut into slices while the baked loaf is hot and is just taken out from the oven.

Since these cookies are baked twice and have a dry texture, they can be stored for a longer time period. For this reason, biscotti was used as the non-perishable food in wars and long journeys. According to the insights, biscotti was commonly consumed by Roman legions.

As far as the appearance is concerned, these are the brittle and thick cookies that can be dipped in cocoa and coffee for softening. Some people also dip in the dessert wine, so whatever you prefer.

The traditional biscotti has the almond flavor but modern recipes use other flavors and flavoring ingredients. For the most part, biscotti is a portable food and the modern recipes use walnuts, anise, carob chips, and orange zest for a unique flavor. In addition, some people also glaze them with chocolate or coat them with icing. At this point, we do want to tell you that traditional biscotti doesn’t have the coating, icing, or frosting.

Baking the biscotti is extremely easy because the general recipe includes butter, flour, eggs, and sugar along with additional ingredients (the flavoring ingredients). Biscotti is available in batches and it can be bought in single form as well. These cookies are readily available at bakeries and coffee shapes and make a great gift. Lastly, these cookies make perfect party favors if you wrap them good!

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