Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling: 3 Ways To Fix

magic chef mini fridge not cooling
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magic chef mini fridge not cooling

While having a refrigerator at your home is necessary to store edibles and ingredients. Some people living in small apartments or dorms might not be able to keep a large device like these in their kitchen.

Alternatively, all the excess storage might not be required by you. Whatever the case might be, one simple solution for these users is getting a small factor refrigerator. While there are many companies that you can go for.

One of the best ones around is the Magic Chef Mini Fridge lineup. These have amazing features on them and can be bought directly from Home Depot. While these will last you a long time, there are some issues that people have complained about.

One of these is that the Magic Chef Mini Fridge is not cooling. Though there is no need to worry as people who are getting the same problem on their devices should be able to fix the issue by using the steps mentioned below.

Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling

  1. Check the Defrost Thermostat and Evaporator Coil

The Mini Fridge from Magic Chef is an amazing small factor refrigerator that comes with numerous features. These include the defrost thermostat and evaporator coil. Usually, the evaporator coil automatically heats up when it notices that the temperature in the device is getting too cold. This will then prevent any ice from forming on the sides of your device.

If this is not done then all the airflow within your device will be blocked from the ice formed. Aside from this the defrost thermostat is the equipment responsible for keeping a check over the temperatures within the device. Considering this, if the temperatures do fall below the minimum values then it will send information to the evaporator coil.

This helps the coil to heat itself, melting all the ice around it. Keeping all of this in mind, if either of these parts gets damaged or becomes faulty then ice will form around the air vents. This will prevent your fridge from cooling any further causing the issue you are getting. You will have to check both of these parts to ensure they are working fine. If you notice problems with either of them then get them replaced with new ones to fix your issue.

  1. Check the Defrost Control Board

Aside from the steps mentioned above, the configurations of your refrigerator also play a huge role in it working correctly. Sometimes you might have not set up the control board properly which can stop the defrosting system to work.

Considering this, the evaporator coil or thermostat might not be damaged but the feature to defrost might be disabled instead. You can access your settings from the defrost control panel and check when the feature is set to be executed. If it is switched off then enabling it will fix your problem. On the other hand, in some cases, it might be set to be used once a day.

This can also keep the air vents blocked which is why you will have to adjust the configurations. Make sure that you set these accurately and ensure that any ice forming near the vents will be removed by the coil. If you set this up properly then your problem should be gone and you can continue using your fridge.

  1. Faulty Main Control Board

Finally, once you have checked all the parts in your refrigerator but all of them are working fine. Then the issue can be due to an error on your main control board. These will rarely stop the device from cooling which is why it is recommended that you test the other parts carefully. You should even look for the temperature set in your device and fan settings.

If these are all correct then your main control board has become faulty. You will have to get it replaced with a new one. The only downside to this is that these boards can cost a lot. Additionally, it can be quite hard to purchase them as these are limited.

Contacting the support team for Magic Chef will be your best option. If the device was still under warranty then you might even get a discount or free repair from the support team. The company should be able to pin down the root of your issue as well as provide you with a solution that can be used.

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