5 Common Macy’s Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

macy's air fryer problems
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macy’s air fryer problems

Macy’s is one of the most promising brand names in the market, and they have launched the air fryer. Truth be told, their air fryers are incredible and deliver a promising cooking outcome. However, there are various Macy’s air fryer problems. We are sharing the common air fryer problems and potential solutions for them!

Macy’s Air Fryer Problems

1) Peeling Basket Issue

Peeling basket is one of the most common issues with Macy’s air fryer. In addition to the peeling basket, the peeling issue incurs with the main cooking area as well. With the peeling issue, it reflects on the peeling of the nonstick coating. When the nonstick coating starts peeling or flaking off, it can lead to adverse health issues and impacts the quality of food as well.

First of all, this issue occurs when you are using cheap nonstick pans because the coating isn’t durable enough. We suggest that you are mindful of the air fryer model and make sure the nonstick coating is sturdy. Also, it’s best to clean the pan with foamy pads rather than steel wool. This is because steel wool can damage the nonstick coating.

2) Smoke Escaping Out

Smoke escaping out from the Macy’s air fryer is pretty common, but nobody likes walking into the kitchen full of white smoke, right? However, the white smoke usually occurs because of extra grease or fat in the air fryer. When the fatty food cooks, it drips oil to the bottom of the air fryer while leads to white smoke.

The best way to fix this issue is soaking up the oil or grease. Many people add water to the bottom basket for diluting the oil. However, you could also add a bread slice because it absorbs all the oil and grease. However, if these things don’t solve the smoke issue, you could put on the fan good of the stove for collecting oil or grease.

On the contrary, some users struggle with black smoke. However, black smoke is mainly because of the terminal issue. In case you sense burning smells, you need to switch off the air fryer and call the manufacturer. The manufacturer will check the air fryer and fix the electrical or terminal issues.

3) Dry Food

The beginners often complain about the dry food issues when they utilize the Macy’s air fryer. In addition, dry food also means no crispiness or juiciness. This is mainly because the air fryers are designed to cook food through hot air, which leads to ineffective food outcome. In addition, it can lead to dry or non-crispy food.

With this being said, you need to add oil or butter to ensure food comes out crispy, juicy, and non-dry. We suggest that you use the oil mister or sprayer on the food before adding it to the air fryer. However, if you cannot add oil or butter, we suggest that you marinate food in oil-based marinate before adding it to the air fryer.

4) Uneven Food Outcome

When people use Macy’s air fryer, they often complain about the uneven food outcome. There are chances of raw food or unevenly cooked food. This usually occurs due to ineffective airflow. This is because the air fryer uses hot air for cooking food. So, when people cram too much food into the air fryer, the airflow is impaired, hence the uneven cooking outcome.

In that case, we suggest that you take out the rack and evenly distribute food over it. As a result, the air circulation in the air fryer will be optimized, and food will be cooked evenly. Some people also suggest shaking the rack at regular intervals since it ensures every side of food receives proper air.

5) Burned Food

When people start cooking the oven recipes in an air fryer, it will lead to burned or overcooked food. This is because air fryers use the intense cooking method. With this being said, it’s best to check the food regularly to ensure it doesn’t get overcooked or burned. The general rule of thumb is to reduce ten to fifteen minutes from the cooking time (if you are using the oven recipe).

In case you have any other issues with the Macy’s air fryer, you can call their customer support, and they will be able to help you out!

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