4 Common Luby Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

luby oven problems
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luby oven problems

The toaster ovens and microwave ovens are important for every household since there are various perks involved. For this purpose, people often choose Luby for its high-end features and performance. However, there are Luby oven problems that limit the performance and heating. In this article, we are sharing the problems and fixes!

Luby Oven Problems

1) Light Is Not Working Or Is Dim

There are multiple Luby oven users who complain about the dim lights and some people complain that the light is not working at all. The users have stated that the oven heats up properly but the light doesn’t work. Coming to the point, the light is installed inside the oven and it tends to switch on when the door is opened up or when the heating starts.

It’s pretty obvious that light is important because it helps keep an eye on the food. In the majority of cases, the light doesn’t work when it has fused up. On the other hand, if the light is flickering or the light is dim, there are chances that the oven settings are incorrect. Not to forget, the light issue can occur due to issues in the control board or incorrect wiring.

If you are suspecting that the light bulb is fused, you simply have to replace the bulb. However, if the bulb is fine but the light is still dim, it might be because you have selected the reheating and defrosting functions, so try changing the cooking function. Last but not least, if the light issue persists, just call the oven repairer and get the wiring or bulbs fixed.

2) No Heating

Luby oven not heating is a common issue and every oven owner struggles with it one time or another. Keep in mind that these ovens are designed with high voltage diodes that are responsible for converting AC power into DC. The voltage is likely to reach the highest capacity to ensure the magnetron is uniformly and properly heated up.

That being said, if there is no heating in the oven, there are high chances that the magnetron has filed and it needs to be repaired. Honestly, we suggest that you replace the magnetron because repairing is not reliable. Secondly, the oven might not be heating because the diode has failed. The failed diode won’t be able to provide ample voltage, hence the heat issue.

To check the diode, you can opt for the Ohm meter to check the functionality. For future reference, you’ve to ensure that the oven isn’t switched on empty (make sure you always add food into the oven because an empty oven damages the magnetron). Not to forget, the damaged capacitor can cause heating issues. Lastly, don’t forget to check the door switch.

3) Abrupt Shut-Off

When the Luby oven shuts off during the cooking feature or operation, it can be pretty irritating. In such cases, the oven will stay switched on only for a few seconds. The primary reason behind this issue is the damaged door switch. Keep in mind that if the oven is shutting off due to a defective door switch, it will switch off/shut off after every three seconds.

Another reason for the abrupt shut-off might be due to the faulty fan motor or a failed transformer. Also, it might be because of the damaged touchpad. To fix this issue, you must hire a technician who can fix the damaged door switch. If changing or repairing the door switch doesn’t work, you must replace the failed capacitor or transformer.

4) Food Is Not Getting Heated

It’s useless to have an oven if you cannot heat up the food. If your Luby oven is not heating the food, it is majorly because of the damaged thermo-protector. This is because it can result in heating issues. This is because the thermo-protector tends to control the amount of heat that’s produced by the oven. That being said, when the temperature exceeds, the power will be cut off, and food won’t be heated.

To fix the heating issue, you must replace the damaged thermo-protector to ensure that the Luby oven starts working again normally. Also, make sure that you choose the correct cooking time and power setting to optimize the heating performance. If these steps don’t work, call customer support!

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