4 Most Common Kohl’s Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

kohls air fryer problems
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kohls air fryer problems

The air fryer is the perfect kitchen equipment for everyone who wants convenient cooking. However, there are various underlying Kohl’s air fryer problems that are frustrating the users. For this purpose, we are sharing the common problems and solutions.

Kohl’s Air Fryer Problems

1) The Air Fryer Doesn’t Switch On

The air fryer not switching on is one of the common issues associated with Kohl’s air fryer. However, it’s pretty easy to fix. In the majority of cases, the air fryer will not switch on because you haven’t plugged in the power cable properly. The users must check that the power cable is plugged into the power socket firmly and it isn’t loose. Therefore, just cross-check the power connection and verify proper plugging.

In addition, the air fryer might not switch on because you are using the crowded power socket. That being said, if you have plugged in too many electronic devices in one outlet, it adversely impacts the power connection. It can also lead to insufficient power reaching the air fryer. As a result, the air fryer won’t switch on. It’s better that you use the idle power socket.

2) Releasing Smoke

Imagine standing in the kitchen waiting for the pork chops to come out perfect, but the smoke starts coming out. Truth be told, people are unable to explain the smoke. If that happens with the air fryer, you don’t need to panic. First of all, you need to check if you are cooking fatty food. The white smoke is basically because you have too much grease and oil.

It makes an excessive collection of grease at the bottom. So, when the temperature rises up, the grease or fats will burn and will emit white smoke. For resolving this issue, you must use a suitable oil brand. It’s better to choose the vegetable oil with the higher smoke point to ensure it doesn’t emit smoke. However, if it’s too late, just switch off the air fryer and clean the basket and cooking chamber.

In addition to white smoke, Kohl’s air fryers often emit blue smoke. The blue smoke is primarily because of the electrical issues. In case your air fryer is emitting blue smoke, disconnect it from the power source and call in the technician. The technician will replace the fused or burned electrical components. Once these components are fixed, there won’t be a blue smoke issue.

Lastly, the air fryer might be emitting smoke because the basket has too many food ingredients. It will splatter the food on the element and will release smoke upon burning of food particles. For this reason, you will need to take out the cooking chamber and reduce the number of food ingredients. However, if you cannot reduce the amount of food, just opt for the air fryer with a higher capacity.

3) There Is No Crispy Layer

When the food doesn’t have the crispy layer, that’s a frustrating experience for sure. There are various reasons why the food lacks a crispy texture. In the first place, when there is too much food in the basket, it will impact the texture. When you put smaller batches of food, it results in even cooking and crispy texture (and proper caramelization, of course),

4) Uneven Cooking Outcome

The uneven cooking outcome is a major issue with Kohl’s air fryer. For instance, if you are struggling with this issue while air frying the fries, the stick size must be thin. It is better that you soak the potatoes before air frying it and dry them with a paper towel. In addition, you could try adding a bit of olive oil before putting the fries in the cooking chamber. Lastly, always drain excessive water and oil, if any.

Secondly, the food will not come out even if you have set the incorrect temperature. The users must choose the correct temperature setting to ensure the results come out crispy. In case you are cooking snacks, 400-degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature. On the contrary, if you have to make pastry products, a temperature around 350-degrees Fahrenheit is suggested.

Even more, if you are cooking the non-oven-ready food, it won’t deliver the golden and crispy texture. It’s best to cook only the compliant food ingredients in the Kohl’s air fryer for a better outcome.

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