Compare KitchenAid Pasta Press vs Pasta Roller

kitchenaid pasta press vs roller
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kitchenaid pasta press vs roller

For everyone who is in love with mac-and-cheese, pasta and macaroni are the ultimate snacks for everyone. However, there are chances you won’t have pasta at midnight, so what would you do? Well, you can make pasta on your own. With this being, we are sharing information about KitchenAid Pasta Press vs Roller in this article, so you can choose the machine for making your own pasta!

KitchenAid Pasta Press vs Pasta Roller

KitchenAid Pasta Press

First things first, KitchenAid has designed this pasta press for people who love pasta without compromising the ease of use. The pasta press is actually a lot of fun to use. Well, imagine yourself standing in front of the pasta press, watching the pasta come out of the machine, it’s no less than a miracle, right? Especially when your stomach is growling with hunger!

This pasta press is a fine choice for making different types of pasta, such as rigatoni, bucatini, and the fusilli without making anything a hassle. With this press, you need to add the small chunks of dough into the machine and the auger will catch up the dough. This dough will be pressed through the machine’s plates and come out in the smooth pasta.

The best thing about this pasta press is that you can make uniform-sized pasta. There is a swinging wire arm in this pasta press that allows the users to cut the pasta, according to their needs. The pasta press has been designed to streamline the pasta shape without sacrificing the quickness and smoothness of the pasta-making process.

When it comes down to the pasta plates, they are pretty easy to change and use. All the attachments and accessories of this pasta press are durable, so it will surely provide value for your money. With this being said, the pasta press is easy to assemble and disassemble, since every part is designed to fit together in a jiffy.

To be honest, this pasta press is an interesting machine and you will actually have fun using it. The sturdy design of this pasta press has got us hooked since you don’t have to worry about anything breaking and requiring a replacement. The best thing about this pasta press is that you can make huge batches of pasta in one go.

As for the downsides are concerned, if you want to make bucatini pasta, this pasta press might not be the optimal choice because it comes out thick for some people. Also, keep in mind that the pasta press will take some time for releasing the pasta into the bowl. Lastly, we suggest that you spare some time for a cleaning because the dough can get stuck in the plates, making it tedious to clean.

KitchenAid Pasta Roller

Okay, so the press sort of releases the pasta while the functionality of the pasta roller is a bit different. The pasta roller is designed to be a high-end attachment. The pasta roller is designed with dual cutters. Also, there is a roller that promises streamlined service for pasta-making. Be it the roller or the cutter, both this equipment is designed with stainless steel construction.

The stainless steel construction not only promises quality but durability as well. The pasta roller is designed with efficiency in mind and it will extract the thin dough. In addition to making pasta, this pasta roller can be used for making bread crumbs. When it comes down to the attachment, there are no compromises on the ergonomics and functionality.

With this being said, the pasta roller is simple to use, since you can easily attach and detach the cutters. On top of everything, the pasta roller is easy to clean. The cutters are responsible for cutting the pasta into different shapes and sizes. Also, there is a special fettuccine cutter, so every alfredo lover has good news with this pasta roller.

The best thing about this pasta roller is that you’ve better control over the dough since you can use your hands for controlling the dough. Above all, it can be used with high and low settings for everyone looking for convenience and versatile functionality. On the other hand, you cannot make penne pasta with this pasta roller and there might be some compromises with the steadiness.

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