6 Ways To Fix KitchenAid Mixer Pin Stuck

kitchenaid mixer pin stuck
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kitchenaid mixer pin stuck

Look into your kitchen and there are high chances that the KitchenAid Mixer is standing in full glory. On the other hand, some KitchenAid Mixer pin stuck issues have been bothering the user. So, we are here to help you fix the issue.

How To Fix KitchenAid Mixer Pin Stuck?

1. Beater Slots

Okay, so if you are unable to get the issue straight with the stuck pin, we suggest that you check the beater. That’s to say because the beater is designed with the slot. The slot can be slid on the pin. Once you slide on the slot, you need to move it around by 1/4th angle and it will fix the stuck pin issue.

2. Nylon Gear

When it comes down to the KitchenAid mixer and the pin is stuck, we suggest that you opt for the nylon gear because it fixes the majority of the metal gear issues. When you replace the gear with the nylon gear, it will stick out the pin and it won’t be stuck anymore.

3. Grease

If you don’t want to take the long route of replacing the equipment and gear, we suggest that you try the grease. The grease can soften up the overall experience and the equipment functionality will be improved. Also, we suggest that you use the food-grade grease for softening the stuck pin issue, so it doesn’t impact the safety of your food.

4. Heat Gun

Well, if the pin is too stubborn and you are unable to fix the stuck pin issue, we suggest that you use the heat fun. The heat gun can actually fix up these issues. In this case, set the KitchenAid mixer on the hard floor and heat up the pin area for around ten to twenty minutes (use the warm setting in case you are using the hairdryer). Once you heat up the pin area for a few minutes, it will just pop out.

5. Freezer

This might sound absurd since we just used a heat gun for popping out the stuck pin. With this being said, we suggest that you put the mixer in the freezer. This works because the metal components tend to contract when put into the freezer and it eases the dismantling. With this being said, you must put the mixer for a few hours, around three to four hours.

Once the mixer is completely cold, take it out and use the pin punch, and hit the pin with all your power. After some hits, the pin will start moving. However, if you want to remove the pin, just make some hits and you will be good to go!

6. Opposing Sides

When it comes down to the stuck pin issue and you’ve tried everything, ranging from grease to heat gun but tit’s not fixing the issue. Well, we have a last resort for you and it will work better than any troubleshooting method. With this being said, put the KitchenAid mixer in a sturdy position and take out the pin punch. Once the mixer is sturdy at its place, just hitting the stuck pin from the opposite side as compared to the direction where it’s stuck. Consequently, it will move the pin!

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