KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Drive Assembly Does Not Fit: 4 Fixes

kitchenaid ice cream maker drive assembly does not fit
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kitchenaid ice cream maker drive assembly does not fit

The Kitchenaid Ice cream maker is undoubtedly one of the best ice cream makers in town. Kitchenaid is a renowned company of kitchenware that lives up to its name of producing high-quality appliances. Most of these appliances come with a warranty and an easy-to-operate manual.

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Drive Assembly Does Not Fit

While using an ice cream maker, you might find yourself struggling with fitting the assembly properly. Here’s everything you need to know regarding the ice cream maker.

1) Is the bowl size inappropriate?

The size of the Ice cream maker bowl is very crucial. If the ice cream bowl is not appropriately fitting inside, the entire assembly will not fit properly.

Make sure you’re using the right model for the fixing bowl. At times users mix the ice cream bowl with other bowls in the kitchen. Make sure you’re using the correct bowl.

2) Is the Bowl too large?

If the ice cream bowl is too large it won’t fit inside the ice cream maker. Using an appropriate-sized bowl is mandatory to operate the ice maker. Fixing a bowl that is slightly small in size might be possible but it is impossible to operate the ice cream maker using a bigger bowl.

Most mixing bowls come with a safety lock that locks inside the assembly. The ice cream maker doesn’t switch on if the bowl is not placed properly. To avoid this issue, make sure you place an order with an authentic vendor. Directly ordering from the website is another great option to avoid scam

3) Is a loose part causing the problem?    

When you get the ice cream maker, make sure to read the instruction manual. All ice makers come with a manual that explains everything regarding how to operate the ice cream maker. Make sure not to lose the manual because it can be very helpful at every stage.

The manual not only explains how to operate the machine but also gives a detailed understanding of how to fit the parts together.

Carefully read the manual and fix all the parts as advised in the manual. The ice makers have to work for prolonged periods to make ice cream and hence, it is necessary to fix the assembly in place.

At times, a loose part or an inappropriately placed angle prevents the ice cream maker to function properly. To avoid this issue, start assembling the ice maker step-by-step. Try not to miss or jump any steps. Each step makes a big difference. Once you’re done then plug the ice cream maker in and start making your ice cream.

4) Are you following the instructions properly?

If you’re using a new ice cream maker then check again if you’re following the instruction properly. If you’ve lost the user instruction manual, go to the official helpline and search your query. The official helpline is designed in a user-friendly manner that makes it easy for users to get solutions to their problems.

However, if you’re using an old ice cream maker and it stops getting assembled one fine morning then look for burned or lose parts. At times one tiny out-of-place small part can cause a big problem. 

Read the user instruction manual

Remember when it comes to kitchen appliances, the user instruction manual is your best friend. Most of our queries get answered in the manual. Make sure to read the manual thoroughly and try watching the video tutorials on the official website. These videos help you get a better grip on the machine you’re operating.

Call the official helpline

If nothing seems to work then it’s time to call the official helpline. The helpline will help you get in touch with a call representative. Once you’re through with the call representative, let them know about the issue you’re facing. The company can guide you better regarding what to do next.

The company helps you solve your issue free of cost if it suspects a faulty part and the ice cream maker is still in warranty. To avail the warranty, it is necessary to buy your appliances from an authentic vendor.

The KitchenAid ice cream mixer is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions properly. However, in case of an issue, we hope the above-mentioned solutions are helpful.

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