4 Ways To Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

kenmore microwave not heating
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kenmore microwave not heating

Microwaves nowadays have become very essential for quickly heating refrigerated food. Not only this, but microwaves can also be used for cooking different recipes as they come with pre-set programs. Kenmore microwave has a lot to offer to their users and they can be one of your most favorite gadgets while working in the kitchen.

However, there can be a few reasons that can make your Kenmore microwave not work properly. Below we have listed a few most common reasons that can make your Kenmore microwave stop heating.

Common Reasons For Your Kenmore Microwave Not Heating And Solutions

1.    Burnt Diode

Diodes are one of the most essential parts of your Kenmore microwave and they are used for converting the AC power output of the transformer into DC. The diode can be used to double the voltage to a higher voltage. This high voltage that the diode produces, helps to power Magnetron in heating the food.

However, in a case where the diode has burnt the Magnetron will not receive high voltage and the food won’t heat up. The best solution for dealing with the burn diode is to replace it with the new one.

2.    Door Switch

Your Kenmore microwave comes with a different number of door switches in each model. Whenever the door of your microwave is closed the door switch ensures that the door is properly closed and there is no hindrance in between.

If the door is not closed, it has stopped working properly then the microwave will stop heating the food as well. This happens because the microwave does not start until the door is not closed. To eliminate this problem you can try opening the door again to close it properly. However, if this doesn’t work then you can replace your door switch with the new one.

3.    Magnetron

Magnetron works by using High Voltage or high current, to generate enough frequency for the microwave to heat the food. However in any case, if the Magnetron of the Kenmore microwave has burned then it will not heat the food. The Magnetron of your Kenmore microwave does not come replaceable so if you see your Magnetron burnt then the only option you have is to replace it with a new one.

4.    Thermal Fuse

You must have heard about this part of the appliance a lot of times. Thermal fuse works by cutting off the power supply to the microwave when your Kenmore microwave heats up more than usual. However, if your Kenmore microwave has a burnt thermal fuse then the fuse would not have continuity.

To check the thermal fuse of your microwave you must use a multimeter to test for continuity. If the thermal fuse has blown then you must replace it immediately to make your microwave function again.

Replacing or repairing the above parts of your Kenmore microwave can solve the problem. Hopefully, this blog helped you in resolving your problem.

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