7 Ways To Fix Kenmore Food Processor Not Working

kenmore food processor not working
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kenmore food processor not working

Broken or non-functional home appliances can be very painful especially when you are in desperate need of them. Food Processors have become one of the very crucial devices that grind, chop, and liquefy dough, other foods, etc. Kenmore is a name of quality. Their kitchen appliances are highly credible, especially the Food Processors.

However, the issue can still occur no matter how great your manufacturer is! In this guide, we will walk you through all the possible reasons for your Kenmore Food Processor to stop working along with their solutions. So stay with us.

How Do You Troubleshoot Kenmore Food Processor Not Working?

Now you don’t have to throw away or give up on your favorite Kenmore Food Processor when you can fix the working issues with it.

Here we have listed some possible reasons with their solutions. Read on carefully.

Solution 1: Inspect Power Outlet

If your Kenmore Food Processor doesn’t even work at first place, there is a possible reason that your power outlet is damaged. Check another device with the same outlet to check if it’s working.

Solution 2: Replace The Damaged Power Cord

If your power outlet is working fine, go on inspecting your food processor’s electrical cord. If you come across any damage or tear, replace it with the new one ASAP.

Solution 3: Adjust The Essential Parts Of Your Kenmore Food Processor

After inspecting the power outlet, power cord, motor, and fuse now you have to make sure all the parts of your Food Processor is adjusted properly. Such as inspect the belt and its correct tension. If the belt is broken, replace it.

Solution 4: Keep The Blade Clean And Well Lubricated

Another reason for your dysfunctional Kenmore Food Processor is the dirty and frictional motor blade. If you see the motor running fine but the blade keeps crashing, make sure to cleanse and lubricate the blade well so it works and chops off the matter in the Processor.

If the blade is damaged or worn out, replace it with a new one. Your repairman will do this for you.

Solution 5: Use Good Lubricants

Your Kenmore Food Processor deserves to have its gears and blades lubricated well with quality oils. Make sure to lubricate the moving parts so less friction won’t disrupt your Food Processor’s working.

Solution 6: Tight Up The Parts Of Your Kenmore Food Processor!

You are always supposed to check that the lid and bowl don’t get loosen down. Try to tightly hold both the lid and bowl to the base for thorough chopping.

Solution 7: Prevent Overheating

If your food processor stops functioning halfway through the chopping, then the reason is overheating. Make sure you turn off the machine and wait for it to cool down.

Turn the machine on after 15 to 20 minutes and it will surely work again.

Final Thoughts:

If you tried everything from above, then the reason behind the loose working of your Kenmore Food Processor is unorganized assembly. Make sure to assemble your appliance by following the manufacturer’s guide.

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