3 Ways To Troubleshoot Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Top Rack Not Cleaning

kenmore elite dishwasher top rack not cleaning
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kenmore elite dishwasher top rack not cleaning

There’s no denying that a dishwasher has helped us get through our daily chores a lot quicker. Through a dishwasher, we can easily get our dishes cleaned out and dried in an efficient manner without having to put in any effort at all.

How to Troubleshoot Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Top Rack Not Cleaning?

Kenmore is a great option for buying most kitchen appliances including a dishwasher. However, plenty of users have been making various complaints about an issue with their Kenmore dishwasher. According to them, their Kenmore Elite dishwasher top rack is not cleaning.

In case you are also someone who is experiencing something similar, then you have come to the right place. Using the article, we will be taking a look at all the different ways on how you can get your Kenmore Elite dishwasher fixed in no time at all! Here’s everything that you need to know!

  1. Check the Upper Spray Arm

If the top rack, in particular, is not cleaning the dishes, then the first thing we recommend you check is the upper spray arms which are responsible for cleaning the top rack. Having some sort of obstruction on the upper spray arm is a really common case that leads to a similar issue.

Therefore, you should check the spray arms for any sort of blockage. If you do notice anything, attempt removing the obstruction from the spray arm. You can also try spinning the upper arm sprays to see if there’s anything that might be blocking the arms from freely rotating.

  1. Top Rack Might Be Overloaded

Another common cause that leads to the dishwasher not being able to clean the top rack’s dishes in particular is because of overloading the said rack with dishes. Whenever you put in too many dishes in any rack of the dishwasher, the spray arms won’t be able to reach each and every dish which may cause issues.

This is why you have to make sure that you check and make sure that the top rack does not have too many dishes. We also suggest checking if every dish is properly loaded on the top rack.

  1. Getting It Checked

If the issue still persists, then seeking professional help might be the only option left in your case. There could be some sort of technical fault with your dishwasher. If so, then any verified professional should be able to tell and fix the issue by simply having a look at your dishwasher.

The Bottom Line:

Is your Kenmore Elite dishwasher top rack not cleaning? While this is mostly caused due to a blocked or clogged upper spray arm, we still recommend you try reading all the other solutions that we have listed as well.

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