Troubleshooting 6 Kangen Water Machine Problems

kangen water machine troubleshooting
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kangen water machine troubleshooting

The water machines have become an important machine for everyone who wants to ionize their regular water to make alkaline water because it’s healthier for people. For instance, alkaline water has been a norm in Japan to promote hydration, immunity, and restoring the optimal function of the body.

For this reason, people use the Kangen water machine, which is known to make water with pH levels ranging from 8.5 to 9.5. So, if you are ready to make your health a priority and invest in a water machine, we are sharing the Kangen water machine troubleshooting to help you have a seamless experience even if there are issues.

Kangen Water Machine Troubleshooting 

1. Error Codes Appearing On LED Alert System

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When it comes down to the water machines, there are filter cartridges installed in them for filtering the water from contaminants. Having said that, it is not possible to visually see the impurities and the LED alert system is meant to perform the function.

For instance, it shows that you have used over 600 litres of water, and the filter cartridge is not working properly. So, if there are error codes appearing on your LED alert system, there are chances that the filter is fully clogged, and you need to change it. In some cases, the LED alert system will stop working altogether.

2. Reduced Water Pressure

The water machines are connected to the water system of your home, and alkaline water comes out of the faucet. However, there are times when the water pressure reduces, and it takes several minutes to fill up a glass.

If this is the case, the filter is clogged, and you need to get it replaced. It usually happens because the pores of the filter decrease in size and have impurity and dirt buildup. So, whenever the water pressure reduces, you need to change the filter.

3. Bad Flavor In Water

Usually, water is sweet, even if you are using alkaline water. On the other hand, if you are getting a salty and metallic taste in the flavor, it means that the filter cartridge is not working properly or it has clogged. Keep in mind that chlorine and iron have significant flavor, and if the water has started tasting less fresh, the filter cartridge is filled up too much. So, if the alkaline water is not tasting well, the filter needs to be replaced and make sure that you are getting the right-sized filter to get the best performance.

4. Bad Smell

When the filter is clogged with the contaminants, it is needless to say that water will develop a weird flavour and smell over the course of time. So, when you keep using a clogged filter for too long, the filter’s dirt will start rotting, and this rotting will lead to a bad smell. In addition, you will smell something bad coming out of the filter chamber. For this reason, whenever there is a bad smell, it’s time to replace the filter, and for future reference, you should replace the filter as soon as its duration is over (don’t try to overuse the filter because it only causes more harm).

5. Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is one of the most common symptoms of a clogged filter (yes, the majority of problems associated with Kangen water machine are related to the filter). So, if the water is cloudy and discoloured, you have to change the filter. Keep in mind that the minerals, such as iron, are known to give water brown hues.

6. Water Filter Is Not Working

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kangen water machines are one of the best ones out there, and their water filter actually has a simple system, which makes it easy to troubleshoot. So, when the water filter is not working, there are simple steps that you can take for resolving the problem, such as;

  • First of all, you must check the power connection and make sure the power cords’ plugs are properly connected to the power outlet. In addition to this, you should also check your circuit breaker
  • Secondly, the water filter doesn’t work when the filter has too many impurities. In such cases, you have to change the water filter and use the citric acid powder for cleaning the entire machine
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