10 Common Kalorik Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Kalorik Air Fryer Problems
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Kalorik Air Fryer Problems

Air fryers are all the hype these days. People love cooking in these not only because it’s super convenient, but air fryers help people adopt healthy eating habits. A popular brand for air fryers is Kalorik- they make powerful yet affordable air fryers that efficiently cook all recipes.

That being said, there are some issues Kalorik air fryers tend to run into that can inhibit the cooking outcome. We are sharing the common problems associated with Kalorik air fryers below, along with their solutions.

Kalorik Air Fryer Problems

Here are a few Kalorik air fryer problems you should know about.

  1. Air Fryer Doesn’t Work

The air fryer not working is the biggest issue that users struggle with. When the air fryer stops working, users are unable to cook food (obviously)- however, air fryers shutting while operating and not turning back on can be incredibly frustrating and ruin a perfectly good dinner.

Hand Putting Plug Into Electricity Socket
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There are various reasons behind this issue, which we’ve mentioned in this section. First of all, there are chances that the air fryer is not plugged in properly. You need to check the plug and ensure that the main power plug is plugged into the wall socket and isn’t loose.

Also, the wall socket must be earthed. Secondly, the air fryer might not be working because the timer hasn’t been set. We suggest that you check the timer knob and make sure it’s properly switched into the right place.

Thirdly, when you don’t close down the air fryer’s door properly, it doesn’t initiate the cooking function. It’s advised that you take out the door and push it again in place. In addition to these, the overheating protection might be turned on, which can inhibit the function of air fryers.

Chef's Grill BBQ Chicken Legs in oven air fryer
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If that’s the case, you need to let the air fryer cool, and it will start on its own.

  1. The Food Isn’t Done

Nobody likes biting on undercooked or uncooked food. So when your air fryer fails to fry and cook thoroughly, it can easily ruin a good meal. But why does this happen? Well for starters, this issue occurs when you have added too much food to the air fryer’s basket.

It is recommended to add small batches of food, leaving the basket a little empty. Small food batches tend to fry evenly as well and provide better frying and searing. Secondly, the food might not be cooked properly because the temperature settings are inappropriate or are too low.

Air fryer homemade grilled potato
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The users must move the temperature knob to the desired temperature settings. Especially if the food you’re cooking has some liquid content in it- you need more heat to reach higher temperatures where thorough cooking is possible.

Thirdly, it might be because the preparation time for the food is shorter than needed. You must move the timer knob to the correct preparation time. You could consult the manual for proper preparation time for the specific foods or ingredients.

If you’re using recipes that have oven timing descriptions, then refer to other air fryer recipes and go through some trial and error before.

  1. Food Isn’t Crispy

Crispy pork in oven air fryer
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The prime objective of the Kalorik air fryer is to make crispy food, but there are some steps you have to follow to ensure this outcome. If you’re cooking something meant to be done in a deep fryer, it won’t be as crispy. Air fryers are the best for oven snacks and light dinner recipes.

Plus, as air fryers use hot air to cook, you don’t need to add a lot of oil. A thin coat will give a crispy result and add a lovely golden color.

  1. Basket Doesn’t Slide Into The Air Fryer

If the basket doesn’t slide into the air fryer, it will adversely influence the cooking experience. This mostly happens when the basket is filled to the brim with food. It’s important to leave some space in the basket for it to slide smoothly into the air fryer.

This also helps hot air circulate properly and cook your snacks better. Consult the manual and make sure you add food only to the recommended scale.

  1. White Smoke

While smoke coming from your air fryer can be an indicator of some mechanical trouble, for the most part, white smoke is actually steam caused by cooking itself. If you are cooking greasy or fatty food in the air fryer, it leads to white smoke.

This is because such ingredients leak oil into the basket or pan, which produces smoke. It is recommended to add water to the basket or bottom pan since it reduces the chances the excessive smoke development.

Women’s hand holding the handle air fryer’s basket for washing
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Secondly, there are instances when you aren’t cooking greasy or fatty food, but the white smoke still escapes. Well, that happens when the grease from previous cooking functions is still trapped in the basket.

This is why it’s suggested that you clean the pan properly after every cooking cycle.

  1. Unevenly Fried Fries

Every air fryer user loves to cook French fries. You can’t really go wrong with a snack so tasty yet easy to cook, right? Well, fries can be cooked unevenly in the air fryer when you don’t rinse the potato sticks before air frying them.

Tasty french fries potatoes on paper over black stone background.
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It is suggested to rinse the potato sticks because it helps clear off the excess starch. As a result, the cooking outcome will be even. On top of everything, if you have to air fry the fries, you must use fresh potatoes because they are firm, unlike the flaky frozen fries.

Frozen fries are also covered in ice sometimes, which makes them soggy and can actually produce some smoke.

  1. Fries Aren’t Crispy

French fries served on a tray
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The amount of water and oil in the fries will directly influence the crispiness. In this case, the potato sticks must be properly dried before the oil is coated on the top. In addition, it is better to cut the thin potato sticks because it comes out crispier.

  1. Blue Smoke

Although a rare sight, blue smoke may come from your Kalorik air fryer. This only happens when there are electrical connection problems. If the air fryer gets too heated, the plastic parts may be burnt or melted, which can produce a light-blue smoke that is faint in color.

black power cord cable unplugged
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If you see this smoke, immediately unplug the air fryer from the socket and take it to a repairman. Additionally, you can look at the total cost of repair and if it’s too much, simply opt for repairing it to avoid electrical issues in the near future.

Make sure to plug your new air fryer in a socket that’s properly earthed and isn’t loose.

  1. Overcooking

It’s a big disappointment when you prepare a dish for quick cooking in the air fryer, only for the food to turn out overcooked. This is a common problem new air fryer users face.

overcooked burnt potatoes on a wooden board and baking paper
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It mostly stems from using an oven recipe in the air fryer at the same temperature for the same time duration. Air fryers use more intensive cooking methods (extremely hot air), so the cooking time for food will vary.

When using an air fryer, you must refer to the manual and understand the cooking times of different dishes then go through trial and error before finding the appropriate temperature and time for your recipes.

Additionally, keep checking the food you’re cooking every few minutes to avoid burning.

  1. Flying Food Items

Rustic carrots made from oil-free fryer
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While this may sound weird, lighter food items can go around flying inside the air fryer, that would otherwise stay put in an oven. That’s because these devices blow hot air onto the food, and light snacks can fly around.

This damages the shape of some food items and can make the inside of the air fryer dirty fast. To stop it from happening, lay a second rack over your food. This will keep the food firm and in place. Using wooden toothpicks is another good option.

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