Kafir Lime VS Lime: What’s The Difference

kafir lime vs lime
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kafir lime vs lime

As we are passing the month of September, how can we forget about the one most important thing we get in this season. Limes! Usually, the season of getting good fresh limes starts from March and runs all through to September. But what lime season are we talking about here? Because there has been a raging war between people fighting to prove which lime is better than the other. It’s like a battle of “KafirLime VS Lime” going all over the place.

Kafir Lime VS Lime: Whats The Difference

As we have found ourselves caught up in this confusing moment, we want to let you decide which lime is better. And we are going to do this by stating all the facts and figures of both lime parties: Kafir Lime VS Lime, so that it would be easier for you to pick the Winner.

First, you should know the difference between both the limes. So, are you curious to know about them? Let’s dive into it see all the juicy stuff about these little citrus fruits.

Kafir Lime

Kafir lime is basically a different lime species. The trees of Kafir Lime are known and planted for the sole purpose of their leaves. Yes, the leaves of Kafir Lime is more important than its fruit because they contain a specific limy fragrance within them.

The leaves of coffee lime are valued specifically for the fragrance. But the fruit of kafir lime is not much appreciated by the people because it is simply not juicy enough. the fruit is somewhat variable in size and its zest has a woody texture. The zest also contains a spicy lime fragrance with a sweet soft yellow color note. The zest is usually filled with more oil content as compared to the regular lime.

Regular Lime

The regular lime is the lemon that you usually use at your home or in cooking different dishes. Even to make various kinds of juices to drink as cocktails. It is bright yellow in color and it is usually of various sizes but they are fixed depending upon its species. Its smell is great with a soft lime touch but not as strong as Kafir lime.

Using Kafir Limes In Cooking

Kafir Limes may give off a fruit that is less juice but it sure does provide us with leaves that have a super limey citrus smell. And how can we miss out on the oily limey zest part which is used in many cooking recipes? The majority of People use these kafir lime leaves for cooking many kinds of Thai dishes. Different other Southeast Asian cuisines are also prepared using the leaves and zest of kafir lime.

The leaves of Kafir lime are used as an aromatic herb in cooking just like coriander orit leaves. These are mostly added to stir-fries, curries, and different kinds of soups to add more flavor to the recipe. The thick leaves of kafir lime are shiny and gloomy green on one side but usually, they are pale on the other.

Only the leafy part of kafir lime leaves is used in the cooking. The middle stem is discarded because it is bitter in taste. You can easily buy these leaves of kafir lime from the local mart in your area.

Using Regular Limes In Cooking

Limes are used in preparing all kinds of dishes irrespective of their origin or recipe. You can add lime in almost every dish if you feel like it’s missing a bit tarting taste. Many sauces and purees are prepared ny using lime zest and juice.

Health Benefits Of Kafir Lime

The leaves of Kafir lime are used mostly for oral sanitation purposes. They are known for their hygienic effects in the oral cavity and also for providing a great smell to your boring dishes.

Health Benefits Of Lime

Limes, as we know it, are rich in vitamin C. It also helps to make your immune system much stronger so that your body can defend itself. They are also low on calories. It also keeps skin fresh.


Depending upon the above-mentioned facts, Kafir Lime VS Lime is a pretty rough and tough competition. And you simply can’t pick a single winner when both the participants are contributing so much to causes.

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