7 Excellent Substitute For Instant Pudding Milk

instant pudding milk substitute
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Instant Pudding Milk Substitute

Puddings are one of the most delicious and easy-to-make desserts and achieve a rich texture with milk. While it’s common to assume that you would have milk at home, there are times when you are out of milk and have to make the instant pudding. For this reason, we are mentioning some amazing and delicious instant pudding milk substitutes!

Instant Pudding Milk Substitute

1. Water

Yes, it is possible and suggested to use water for making your instant pudding if you don’t want to use milk. However, you will need to be careful about how much water you add because reducing the liquid is essential. For instance, milk adds fats and protein, which results in the creamy texture of the pudding, but there is nothing like that with water. This is why you must use lesser water as compared to milk to make sure the pudding doesn’t become runny.

To illustrate, you should reduce the water content by 30% to make sure the pudding has the right consistency. On the other hand, you must remember that pudding might not be delicious, smooth, or creamy enough as it would feel in the milk. The best thing about making pudding in water is that it tastes amazing for flavored puddings, and you can even add some flavor essence.

2. Coffee Creamer

If you are a coffee person, we are sure that you have coffee creamer at home, and it can easily replace milk in the instant pudding. This is because coffee creamer can smooth off the flavor and create a similar flavor to the milk. It doesn’t matter if the coffee creamer has a powdered form or is coconut base; you can add it to your pudding. Also, you can add coffee creamer as per your preference without worrying about losing the flavor or texture.

On the other hand, in case you have liquid creamer, it will work fine in the pudding off the stove, as long as the pudding is hot. However, you need to be extremely careful about adding coffee creamer because consistent stirring is needed.

3. Powdered Milk

Powdered milk is one of the most readily available substitutes for milk but make sure you make liquid milk out of it rather than adding powdered milk to the instant pudding. In addition, you have to remember that adding powdered milk will increase the sweetness of pudding, so you have to reduce the sugar content in your pudding. Also, you should always add any powdered milk in the beginning because it needs more water for rehydrating and won’t blend well in the pudding if you add it in the end.

4. Extra Cocoa

If you are making chocolate-flavored instant pudding, you can always add more cocoa as compared to what you were planning on adding earlier. This is because adding cocoa will improve the flavor, and you might not notice that there is no milk. You have to add the same cocoa powder to your pudding and mix it properly with a low water percentage to create the paste texture. In case you don’t stir well or don’t add water, there will be lumps, and that’s not something you want.

5. Heavy Cream

In case you have access to heavy cream, you can add some water and use it in the instant pudding in place of milk. The best thing about using heavy cream is that it’s easy to use in the pudding, and you don’t need to stir too much either. Even more, adding heavy cream will enhance the overall flavor and richness of the pudding.

6. Coconut Milk

If you don’t want to use regular milk, you can also pour coconut milk into the instant pudding. This is because coconut milk remains the creamiest and thickest milk out there, and you might even have to add some water. Coconut milk goes well with different flavors of pudding, just as fruity flavors, cream flavor, and vanilla. In addition, the pineapple-based pudding will taste amazing with coconut milk.

7. Cashew Milk

In addition to coconut milk, you can also add cashew milk into your instant pudding to increase the richness. With cashew milk, the pudding will have a nutty flavor, and there will be slight sweetness. For those who don’t know, cashews are one of the creamiest nuts out there, and they will be able to emulate the milk’s texture pretty well.

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