What Happens If You Get A Fail Water Test On The Instant Pot?

instant pot water test fail
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Instant Pot Water Test Fail

Whenever you purchase the Instant Pot, the most recommended practice is to conduct a water test. This is because a water test helps determine if the Instant Pot is working optimally or not. However, many first-time users complain about Instant Pot water test fail, and we are here to share the solutions with you.

Water Test On Instant Pot – Fail?

The water test is all about boiling water or pressure cooking in the Instant Pot that helps determine if the Instant Pot is working normally or not. In addition, a water test is the most promising choice to familiarize yourself with the Instant Pot’s function. This is because it will help you understand the basic components of the Instant Pot, and you will gain an understanding of the pressure cooking cycle of this electronic pressure cooker.

Honestly, it’s recommended to conduct the water test, but it’s not mandatory. However, if you choose to skip the water test, there are high chances that you will mess up the first time you use the Instant Pot. So, in the section below, we are sharing the right steps to follow to make sure the water test doesn’t fail, such as;

  1. Connect your Instant Pot to the power connection and put it in the inner pot
  2. Add three cups of water into the inner pot and close the lid – you need to ensure that the sealing ring is put in place (there will be a chiming sound when the lid is closed)
  3. Place your steam release valve into the sealing position and press the pressure button. Then, change the time on the Instant Pot’s display to five minutes (you can use the plus or minus button)
  4. Within five to ten seconds, Instant Pot will start beeping, and you will see “on” appears on display. Once it happens, it will take around five to ten minutes to build pressure.
  5. When the pressure is built, the float valve will move in an upward position, and the timer will start counting for five minutes.
  6. When the five minutes are up and the pressure cooking cycle is complete, the Instant Pot will go into the “keep warm” mode, so just press the cancel button.
  7. Now, just choose between natural pressure release or quick pressure release to get rid of pressure.
  8. Once the pressure is eliminated, it will mean that the water test is complete, and you can start using the Instant Pot to make your favorite recipe.

These steps will ensure a successful water test. However, if steam starts coming out of the Instant Pot’s sides or the timer doesn’t operate, it means that the water test is failed, and you have to conduct the water test again. For the most part, the water test fails when you don’t close down the Instant Pot’s lid to ensure proper buildup of pressure within the unit.

Keep in mind that when you switch on the Instant Pot, it might take a few minutes for the timer to start working, so don’t worry. All in all, the water test is only a practice session to help you familiarize yourself with the Instant Pot features.

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