Instant Pot Duo Sous Vide Review 2021- Is It Good?

instant pot duo sous vide review
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instant pot duo sous vide review

If you have been cooking for a long time, we are pretty sure that you would know about Instant Pot. The Instant Pots have become incredibly famous for easy and quick cooking. It’s safe to say that Instant Pots help cook café-like food at home.

Even more, they have designed the sous vide tool, so you can cook amazing food with accurate temperatures without compromising on the flavor and taste. With this article, we are sharing Instant Pot Duo Sous Vide review to help you out!

Instant Pot Duo Sous Vide Review – The Brief

To begin with, the sous vide can be used with cooking equipment other than Instant Pot. This tool will help maintain the temperature for complicated and time-consuming dishes. It can help get rid of overheating or undercooking issues. That’s to say because the users can customize the recipe according to the specifications and set the cooking technique accordingly.

It’s safe to say that sous vide can be used to make delicious food while retaining the freshness and flavor. With this tool, the users will cook food at the perfect water temperature. The sous vide will deliver consistent heat in water that perfectly cooks every ingredient. This tool is integrated with the active pump system through the 12V DC motor.

The active pump system will optimize seamless water circulation. The best thing about this motor is that it promises durability and has noiseless operations. Along with the pump system, it has an auto-shutoff feature, so you don’t need to worry about evaporation and overheating. In addition, Instant Pot Duo Sous Vide has touch-screen digital controls.

Through this touch-screen display, the users can easily select and confirm the cooking time and temperature. Even more, it has an adjustable cooking time, ranging from one minute to seventy-two hours. As far as the temperature range is concerned, it offers temperatures from 68-degrees to 203-degrees. The users can increase or decrease the temperature at one-degree at a time.

It is integrated with the secure clamp, which means users can attach the sous vide to the Instant Pot of 6qt and 8qt. The sous vide can be integrated outside or inside the rim. However, you will need to opt for a container that can retain heat and liquid. According to Instant Pot, it’s best to use the heat-protection mat to ensure there are damages to the shelf (where you are cooking).

We absolutely love the size of sous vide because it’s compact, which makes it convenient to use. To illustrate, the size is about one foot in length and multiple-inches in width. That being said, the sous vide will be incredibly easy to use and store. Also, it settles perfectly with the Instant Pot, so you don’t need to invest in extra cooking equipment. Still, it can be used with other cooking containers.

The Pros

When it comes down to the Instant Pot Duo Sous Vide, we absolutely love the touch-screen display and easy-to-access controls. This allows the users to keep an eye on cooking time and temperature. Secondly, the sous vide tool is incredibly easy to use. The best thing is that you don’t need to use a thermometer with this tool.

On top of everything, the temperature settings are incredibly precise. There are various timing and temperature settings that allow the users to cook multiple recipes at a time. For instance, it can be used to cook desserts or steaks; there are temperature and time features for every recipe. Even more, the sous vide tool is easy to clean because everything is sealed within the bag.

Even though we have mentioned that the sous vide tool is slim, but it doesn’t have a small size, so that’s the tipping point. In particular, the size ranges up to 13-inches. Moreover, the flavor point is our favorite part since it has the ability to lock in the flavor. All in all, the compatibility is top-notch!

The Cons

There are some downsides of Instant Pot Duo Sous Vide. For the most part, this tool cannot handle the fresh garlic because it gives out a bitter taste. In addition, it can impact the taste of herbs. Also, you will need to invest in the heat-protection mat because it can damage the countertop!

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