7 Best India Relish Substitutes

india relish substitutes
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india relish substitutes

Indian relish is a spicy sauce that is used to add flavor to other recipes. It is made of a variety of chopped fruit or vegetables. This is served as a side dish or condiment to give more flavor to food. Indian relish is composed of a variety of special spices and it is an altered form of sweet relish.

Indian relish is healthy food to try due to the presence of a variety of vegetables or fruits that are chopped and preserved with white vinegar and sugar. The good thing about relish is that it has high vitamin K content in its ingredients.

Vitamin K is involved in the synthesis of bone proteins and helps in blood clotting to prevent uncontrollable bleeding. We do not need to buy Indian relish necessarily from stores rather homemade relishes can be easily made. Probiotics and antioxidants are there in homemade relishes that help in the digestion of food and protection of cells against free radicals.

If you do not have Indian relish with you to be served with your recipes, then you can substitute it with one of the following substitutes. Try any one of these or make your home-based relish to use as an India relish substitute.

India Relish Substitutes

1) Chutney

Indian relish can be replaced with sweet chutney. There are different kinds of recipes for chicken available on YouTube. The ingredients of chutney you choose should be matched with the relish ingredients. Chutneys are usually used as a side dish or served as a condiment to enhance food flavor just like Indian relish. So, Chutneys are a pretty good option to be replaced in case of the absence of Indian relish.

2) Piccalilli

Piccalilli is a form of Indian relish well known in England.  Piccalilli means a relish of chopped vegetables and spices. It is used as a side dish to meals in a similar way to Indian relish. Piccalilli is popular as a relish and it can be used as an India relish substitute.

3) Indian Pickle

Pickles are made up of fruits or vegetables preserved with vinegar or oil.  They are generally used as a side dish in meals. Pickles are a good dish to substitute Indian relish as it adds flavors to food and enhances the food’s taste. Pickles prepared using preservatives such as vinegar, mustard oil are useful for a longer time.

4) Dill pickles

These are pickled cucumber having garlic and dill in its ingredients. Its main ingredients include vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard seeds, cucumbers, garlic coriander seeds, and dill seeds. The Majority of the ingredients used in the preparation of dill pickle and Indian and relish are the same. Therefore, it will be beneficial to substitute Indian relish with dill pickles.

5) Red Salsa

It is traditionally made up of Chiles de Arbol, garlic, salt and water, and medium-sized tomatoes with husk. It is very spicy which can be adjusted by reducing the quantity of Chiles de Arbol. In case of non-availability of Indian relish, you can try this as well.

6) Dill Relish

Dill relish can be used to substitute India relish because of its taste. Most of the ingredients used in both relishes are the same such as cucumbers, onions, red peppers, sugar, etc. Therefore, it will be a good choice to use dill relish as an Indian relish substitute.

7) Homemade Indian relish

If you do not have Indian relish with you to serve with a meal, then you can prepare it at home. For this, the ingredients required for making this relish at home are chopped sweet red bell peppers, pickling salt, white vinegar, chopped and peeled onion, crushed red pepper flakes, white sugar.

Mix all these ingredients over medium heat. The mixture should be heated on medium flame until it is boiled. After that reduce the heat and cook it for almost half an hour. Remove the heat when the mixture is thickened.

Now you have a lot of options to serve your food with during a dinner or a lunch. You can easily replace Indian relish with these substitutes because of the similar nature and characteristics of these recipes. Choose one of these substitutes and make your food delicious with these best alternatives for your Indian relish.

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