How To Turn Off Ice Maker On Thermador Refrigerator?

how to turn off ice maker on thermador refrigerator
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how to turn off ice maker on thermador refrigerator

The variety of Thermador refrigerators has increased in the past few years, particularly when it comes down to the features. That’s because tech innovation has improved the features and performance of the refrigerators, with which Thermador has added an ice maker to their current feature list for refrigerators. So, if you have a Thermador refrigerator with an ice maker but don’t know how to turn it off, we have an in-depth guide to help you!

How To Turn Off Ice Maker On Thermador Refrigerator?

It’s needless to say that the incorporation of an ice maker is extremely beneficial for people who need more ice for any reason. However, if you don’t consume much ice, it’s wasteful to keep the ice maker turned on at all times. In fact, the ice maker can increase the energy consumption of the refrigerator by over 20%. So, if you want to turn off the ice maker, below are the instructions;

The Switch-Based Model

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Thermador has an extensive range of refrigerators available for the users, and the method of turning off the ice maker actually differs. So, if your refrigerator has a switch for turning off the ice maker, you only have to put it in the “off” position. Such refrigerators usually have a power button on the front of the ice maker. In most cases, it’s a toggle switch, so set it in the “O” position to turn off the ice maker. On the other hand, if your ice maker has a slide switch, just slide the switch.

Refrigerators Without Switches

In case your Thermador refrigerator doesn’t have a switch, it will have a metal bar that must be lifted or adjusted. It’s commonly known as a fill bar or a feeler’s arm. In most cases, it’s located on the ice maker’s side. So, locate the arm and put it in the upward position to turn off the ice maker. In fact, when the feeler arm locks into place, it’s likely to make a clicking sound.

Refrigerator With Touch Controls

If your refrigerator doesn’t have a switch or a feeler arm, it’s likely that you have the latest Thermador refrigerator model. In this case, you will need to press the touchpad buttons in a certain sequence to turn it off. It’s recommended that you consult the user manual to determine the correct sequence, but there is also a secondary switch on the refrigerator that can be used.

Additional Tips To Turn Off The Ice Maker

  • First of all, you must turn off the ice maker when you hear it dropping ice into the ice bucket to make sure the tray isn’t filled up with water again.
  • When you turn off the ice maker, you need to discard or use the ice that’s already been made to make sure it doesn’t pick odors and pollute the ice bucket.
  • Always clean and dry up the ice bucket once you turn off the ice maker to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Now, do you understand the correct way of turning off the ice maker?

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