How To Store A Wok? (Explained)

how to store a wok
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how to store a wok

Woks are common in Asian and Chinese households since they are famous for cooking the food perfectly, and that too, quickly. However, to get the best results from the wok, it needs to be seasoned and stored properly. That being said, if you purchased the wok but don’t know how to store a wok, we are sharing every bit of information you need!

How To Store A Wok?

The woks are generally made from porous materials, such as carbon steel and cast iron, but they need to be seasoned before they are cooked (it’s essential to prevent rusting and enhance the lifespan). There are different methods of storing the wok, and everyone chooses the storage method that suits their needs and is convenient for them.

First of all, when you are done cooking your meal in the wok, you can simply run it through extremely hot water and clean the wok with a plastic scour (if you have a bamboo brush, that’s even better). Once the cleaning is done, simply use a paper towel to dry it up and store the wok for future uses. In some cases, people add a bit of oil and spread it all over the wok to ensure the wok is in optimal condition. On the other hand, if the wok has burnt food, you will need to use steel wool to scour away the burnt parts and apply oil before storing it away.

When it comes down to storing the wok, it’s important to apply an extremely thin layer of oil to prevent rusting. For that purpose, you can opt for coconut oil because it has the capacity of resisting rancidity, while some people use wok conditioners. Once the oiling part is done and it’s time to start the storage phase, remember that promoting proper airflow is essential. You can also store the wok upside down to ensure the dust doesn’t build up on the cooking surface.

1. Use The Pot Rail

We have provided the general ideas for storing the wok but let’s move to the more specialized ways of storing the wok. For this reason, you can use the pot rail because that space is just waiting to be used. In case you have an empty kitchen wall that doesn’t have a shelf or cabinets, you can install the pot rail and use the hooks for hanging the wok. Even more, you can prop on the lids on these rails.

2. Pot Rack

This is another great method of hanging and storing the woks. The pot racks are actually very affordable and can be found in the home décor shops. With these pot racks, you can hang the wok on them. The best thing about pot racks is that they are readily available, and you can simply place them in the kitchen.

3. Stack The Woks

When it comes down to storing the woks, the real issue incurs when you nest the pots among the lids. To prevent this issue, you can stack the wok with other pots and pans in the cabinets. As for the lids, get your hands on the hooks, install them on the cabinet doors, and hang the lids separately.

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