How To Set Up Clock On NuWave Bravo XL? (3 Steps)

how to set clock on nuwave bravo xl
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how to set clock on nuwave bravo xl

People who are fond of eating often complain about unhealthy eating habits but it’s not always the case. This is because various kitchen appliances have been launched that help people focus on healthy eating since it takes away the need to use oil. For this purpose, people opt for air fryers, and what can be better than NuWave Bravo XL? This is a high-end and top-notch air fryer that can help you make food to perfection while ensuring it’s fully healthy. However, you need to know how to set the clock on NuWave Bravo XL to get started and we have instructions available!

How To Set Up Clock On NuWave Bravo XL?

Setting Up The Clock On NuWave Bravo XL

If you want to set up the clock and don’t want to mess up the settings, you must follow the instructions mentioned in the steps below;

  1. First of all, you need to push the light and delay button but make sure you press both these buttons at the same time. As a result, 00:00 will appear on the LED display and: will start flashing/blinking
  2. When you see the blinking, you have to turn the pause/start knob for setting the clock. Whenever the LED display shows 12:00, the PM symbol will be backlit
  3. Now, turn the knob again and stop when the desired time is selected. Once selected, press the start button and

The Right Clock Timing For Different Cooking Operations

When it comes down to using the NuWave Bravo XL air fryer, you need to understand the correct timing to ensure the food comes out well-cooked. For this reason, we are sharing how you can make different dishes in your air fryer while ensuring the best timing;

  • For broiling, you can set the temperature at 500-degrees Fahrenheit and it’s best to set the clock to ten minutes. The heat source should be 100% top and the rack position should be one or two
  • To use the reheating function, you can set the clock for ten minutes at 350-degrees Fahrenheit and you can use 100% bottom or top heat sources. As far as the rack position is concerned, any rack is fine for reheating
  • To make frozen food, set the timer for twenty minutes at 325-degrees Fahrenheit and you can use both top and bottom heat sources. As for the rack position, it depends on the desired outcome
  • Since you can make waffles in the NuWave Bravo XL, the clock timing of four minutes is more than fine, and set the temperature at 400-degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you should use either rack two or three for making waffles
  • For grilling, set the timer to fifteen minutes at 400-degrees Fahrenheit and use the first rack as it delivers the best heat
  • For roasting the food, you can set the timing to 25 minutes and use 310-degrees Fahrenheit temperature. In addition, it includes the preheat function, and the first rack can be used for roasting

Now that you are aware of how to set the clock and suggested temperature and rack positions, are you ready to make healthy food in your air fryer?

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