How To Remove Thermador Microwave Trim Kit? (Explained)

how to remove thermador microwave trim kit
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how to remove thermador microwave trim kit

Thermador is known for an extensive range of microwave ovens, including built-in microwave and drawer-based microwave ovens. The built-In microwaves are commonly used as they can be installed on the cabinets or over the conventional oven to achieve a sleek kitchen look. These microwaves are designed with a trim kit to seal the edges for seamless blending with the cabinets. For installation and blending with the cabinets, you have to remove the trim kit, and with this article, we are sharing the instructions for it!

How To Remove Thermador Microwave Trim Kit?

The Thermador built-in microwave is integrated with the trim kit around the perimeter, helps seal the edges, and allows the microwave to blend with the kitchen cabinetry. Depending on which microwave model you are using, the trim kit can be made from wood or metal but is installed with nails or screws.

So, if you want to replace the trim kit or want to remove it for maintenance, we are sharing the step-by-step instructions for removing the trim kit. However, before you begin the trim kit removal process, it’s recommended that you collect the essential equipment, including diagonal pliers, putty knife, screwdriver, and a driver or cordless drill. Now, let’s have a look at the removal instructions;

  1. First of all, you have to disconnect the Thermador microwave from the power outlet and push the microwave’s front to slide back into the opening, and you’ve to look inside it. That’s because there are screws on each corner of the opening, or there could be two screws spaced along the trim kit’s lip on the bottom and top. So, remove the screws with the help of a cordless driver or drill.
  2. Now, look beneath the outside edge if you are unable to find screws on the internal side of the opening and take out the screws. In addition to this, you must pry the vinyl or rubber plugs with the help of a putty knife’s tip to expose the nails or screws and remove them with the help of a cordless gun.
  3. In the next step, put the screwdriver behind the trim kit and pry it. To illustrate, you can add the screwdriver on the top, and when the trim kit comes out loose, you can pull it off with your hands.
  4. Then, pry off the frame with the help of a putty knife if you are unable to find the screws. In most cases, the customized trim kits don’t have screws and are installed with the help of brads – the brads can be loosened up by gentle prying. You have to pry the trim kit until it pops off (there are usually four pieces around the trim kit’s perimeter, and you have to pry them individually)
  5. All in all, it will remove the trim kit, and you can install the new one or simply clean it up.

Keep in mind that the trim can be in one piece, four pieces, or two pieces, depending on which microwave model you are using. In addition, you must be gentle with prying to make sure the kit doesn’t break or bend.

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