How To Remove Pizza Stuck To Stone? (3 Possible Ways)

how to remove pizza stuck to stone
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how to remove pizza stuck to stone

The pizza stones have become an important baking essential for people who bake pizza at home, and that too, frequently. The pizza stones are designed to make the pizza crust thin and crispy (as they should be, of course). However, since raw pizza dough or bread is put on the pizza stone, it gets dirty with all the cheese and flour. Similarly, there are chances that pizza will get stuck to the pizza stone, and it’s important to take it off. So, let’s check out the information!

How To Remove Pizza Stuck To Stone?

Imagine putting pizza into the oven and waiting half an hour to get a cheesy pizza, but you end up with pizza stuck to the stone. So, in this section, we are sharing how you can prevent the issue, such as;

1. Cornmeal

First of all, cornmeal is the best way of preventing sticking. For using cornmeal, you should apply it on the pizza stone before you put the pizza dough. As a result, the pizza will be cooked to perfection, and cornmeal powder will ensure that the pizza doesn’t stick to the stone. Secondly, you could also coat the pizza dough with flour. This is because the flour will act as ball bearings and create a movable layer between the dough and pizza peel.

2. Bake Cookies

Do you know you should season the pizza stone to ensure pizza doesn’t stick to the surface? For this purpose, baking cookies on the pizza stone will ensure that the pizza doesn’t stick. This is because when you bake cookies, the grease will penetrate into the stone, and there won’t be any sticking. However, grease penetration can result in slight smoke, so keep that in mind.

3. Small Pizza

If you don’t want to use the already mentioned options, it’s suggested to bake smaller pizzas. This is because the smaller pizza has lower chances of sticking to the surface. In addition to this, you should stretch the pizza dough after putting it on the stone. That being said, always use a silicone rolling mat or countertop for stretching the pizza dough. Not to forget, you should sprinkle flour on the countertop or rolling mat. As a result, the chances of pizza sticking to the stone will reduce.

Take Off Pizza From The Pizza Stone

Now that we have shared how you can prevent the pizza from sticking to the pizza stone, let’s see how you can peel off the pizza. For this purpose, you should use a back and forth motion. To illustrate, you should thrust the peel using a smooth motion and jerk off the pizza. Make sure to have a plate around to put pizza on the stone again (don’t forget to add some flour or cornmeal to the stone before putting the pizza on again.

Secondly, you could use a spatula or pizza peel to push off the pizza from the pizza stone. We are certain that you have a spatula lying around, so use it. To summarize, if these methods don’t work, you have to scrape off the pizza, and it will be ruined!

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