How To Remove Drawers From Thermador Refrigerator?

how to remove drawers from thermador refrigerator
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how to remove drawers from thermador refrigerator

Thermador is preferred by people who are looking for high-quality and reliable kitchen appliances. One of the most important kitchen appliances is a refrigerator. There is an array of refrigerators available on the market with advanced features and even cooling performance. However, to ensure seamless cooling, the drawers have been cleaned (it’s also important for hygiene). So, if you want to take out the drawers for any reason, we have the step-by-step guide available for you!

How To Remove Drawers From Thermador Refrigerator?

The Thermador refrigerators are pretty amazing when it comes down to quality and features. As far as the drawers are concerned, it’s quite simple as the drawers are easily accessible. So, let’s check out the instructions for removing the drawers;


First of all, you need to prepare for drawer removal. For this purpose, you must use a socket wrench of ¼-inch size or a screwdriver. In addition, you need a pair of pliers to take it out. Along with these tools, you must have a clean cloth soaked in warm water and soap/cleaner solution. This cloth can be used for wiping the dirty parts of the refrigerator while you remove the drawer.


When you have the gear available, you need to begin with the removal process. To begin with, you have to remove the Thermador refrigerator’s door and take out the bottom track of the drawer. After that, you can take out the upper track. When you have removed these tracks, you have to begin by removing the screws (yes, the screws are used to hold the drawers in place).

In most cases, the screws are placed on the sides of the freezer compartment door or refrigerator door. Once the screws are removed, you can slide out of the drawer. When the drawers are out, you can clean the dirty areas. Overall, this process of drawer removal is extremely easy and won’t take more than a few minutes.

The best thing about the modern Thermador refrigerators is that the drawers are manufactured from thick plastic material, making them more durable as compared to drawers used in the older models. However, many people have a hard time removing the new refrigerator models’ drawers, but you can follow the above-mentioned steps for these drawers as well.

Additional Information

We are sure you know how to remove the refrigerator drawers by now. However, if you are removing them for the first time, it’s important to know the parts of the refrigerator drawer to make sure easier parts removal;

  • First of all, the drawer is a plastic box that slides out and inside the refrigerator.
  • The upper track is made from metal bars that hold the upper drawers
  • The lower track is made from metal bars as well and is used to keep the lower drawers in place
  • Lastly, door latch assembly can be placed on either side of the Thermador freezer’s compartment door

On a concluding note, these are all the steps you’ve to take to remove the drawers. However, be gentle while removing the screws to make sure you don’t damage the refrigerator parts!

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