How to Remember to Turn Off the Stove – 3 Methods

how to remember to turn off the stove
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how to remember to turn off the stove

Stoves are certainly great to help you out with any needs that you might have and they enable you to enjoy just the perfect experience on any sort of cooking needs that you might have. There is also some sort of gas used as the fuel on these and that allows you the perfect edge of utility on all sort of needs that you might have on your mind to make these stoves work. However, if you sometimes leave the stove on for some reason, or forget to turn it off, that can be quite troublesome for you. Here are a few things that you can do if you’re wondering how to remember to turn off the stove.

How To Remember To Turn Off The Stove

1. Put on a Reminder

If you are using the stove in the kitchen and there is some wall in the front, you can put up a reminder like a warning sign and that should be enough to get the job done for you. It is pretty simple, and you just need to make sure that you are putting on the reminder sign just on the eye level so it is never ignored and if you even try out to leave the kitchen with your stove unattended, you remember to turn it off and that should be doing the trick for you optimally in making it work.

2. Make it a Habit to Double-Check

You can also try another trick if you are not in the favor of putting on some signs and you will need to make it a habit to double check the stove for being off whenever you are about to leave the kitchen. It might take some time, and certainly you will need to repeat it over and over again even if you are not using the stove in the kitchen that you have to check the stove properly for being locked and that should be the perfect thing for you to ensure that you are not leaving the stove on at any time when you are getting out of the kitchen.

Slowly, it will be added to your muscle memory and will be a part of your instincts that will allow you to enjoy just the right and safe experience at all times and you will be certain at all times that the stove is off and the gas is not leaking out for any reason at all.

3. Have Dual Valves

Another thing to be certain about not having any such problem with the gas leakage or mistakenly leaving the stove on is to install dual valves and one gas valve can be installed by the door. It would be certainly great to help you out as you will be able to look at it while going out, and that will be helping you to have just the perfect experience. Whenever you are going out of the kitchen, you will can cut off the gas supply at the door as well.

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